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What is a Conduit Municipal Bond?

Someone at work gave me an article from the Wall Street Journal titled “When Muni Bonds go Private” by Jeannette Neumann and I was immediately intrigued.  Call me ignorant but the title of the article just didn’t make sense…how could a municipal bond be private? But the article provides the answer and to put it mildly it is just ridiculous. I should put it right out there, Conduit Municipal Bonds are not new.  According to the same article they represent about 30% of the municipal bond market and over a third of those munis that have defaulted. What is a Conduit Municipal Bond? [...]

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Creating a New Alternative Stream of Income–My First Non-Blog Website Part I

Since I started this blog, I have talked about why I believe that multiple streams of income is the best way to accumulate wealth and why I want multiple streams of income.  To meet my goal I have used this personal finance blog, my dividend income portfolio, my very small law practice…and now my newest website, Pregnancy Pool.  Pregnancy Pool is free way to involve family and friends with the birth of your child by letting them guess when the child will be born, his or her weight and his or her gender.   First Steps In Creating the Website Find Website Market Inefficiencies The [...]

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Does this High Net Worth Individual’s Balance Sheet Inspire or Depress You?

Everyday I have a high net worth balance sheet put in front of my face.  Everyday I will put together a balance sheet that will go way north of the $1,000,000 that people tend to strive for, but most won’t make. There seems to be a disgusting amount of class warefare going on in today's society, but for me, these balance sheets give me motivation, but forget me (just for today…) does this one example give you a sense of "I can do that one day" or "What the hell is the point of trying"? Assets** Mr. Smith* Mrs. Smith Joint - [...]

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If You Have a Child With Special Needs Please Be Careful When Making Financial Moves

The office I work at has a prominent Special Needs Planning department, and when meeting with one of the planners on a separate case he to me a horrible about parents making financial decisions without fully understanding the ramifications to their child with special needs.  The situation is probably more common than you would expect a Child with Special Needs who is on SSI & Medicaid with loving parents and grandparents.  Well, Grandpa transferred a Uniform to Minors Account (UTMA) into the name of the Child (who is of majority age) and then Mom and Dad spent some of the money as [...]

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I Don’t Understand the Early Retirement Extreme Movement

My blog has seemed to morph over time. At the beginning I posted just about my debt with a sprinkling of my ‘knowledge’ as a Director of Financial Planning/Estate Planning Attorney, however, I have become more and more honest and turned it into a true blog – a manifestation of my inner thoughts.  Some of thoughts are about topics that I don’t “get” but other people just seem to accept.  In the past I have shared (often with angry comments back) that I don’t completely understand personal finance blogging, I don’t understand people who refuse to change, I don’t understand why people [...]

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