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What to do if You Discover A Default Judgment?

I received a distressing comment from a reader the other day on my post defining a Default Judgment.  Amanda wrote, I have a question there is a judgment against me for not paying a credit card bill. I was enrolled with a co. called REDACTED they were supposed to help me settle my debts but never did. they told me to ignore letters and phone calls so I did. Now I have been served and finally they have put a default judgment on me. I received notice of this about 3 months ago and I have not done anything what is your [...]

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Building an Empire Using Mind Mapping

When going through a plan or idea I have always needed to prepare a corresponding visual organizational chart.  In doing so it provides me with the ability to categorize priorities and flush out action steps.  I had no idea this type of behavior had a name, Mind Mapping. Until recently I would do plan out my ideas using power point like when I created my family’s cash flow.  but I have discovered Mind Mapping! What is Mind Mapping? According to Wikipedia, A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a [...]

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Dividend Portfolio Review

Evan from here at My Journey to Millions has given me, Dividend Monk, the opportunity to add my two cents regarding his dividend portfolio. In doing this, I first posted my thoughts regarding his selection criteria for picking Dividend Stocks, and now I will provide my thoughts regarding his individual dividend selections. Dividend Portfolio My Current Dividend Producing Portfolio -CTL -CB -LEG -LLY -PBI -SDY (the ETF) CTL CenturyLink really helps boost the yield of his portfolio with a high 7.5% dividend yield. The dividend growth of this company into the future looks like it will have to be very small, but [...]

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My Journey to Millions Around the Web

I have been picked up as a contributing blogger at Money Crashers.  My First post describing how to easily calculate The Federal Estate Tax went live a couple days ago.  I also wanted to highlight some of the carnivals I was featured in this past week: My Post describing my theory that Money Does Buy Happiness was a top 10 pick at the Best of Money Carnival this Week (#5!) The Carnival of Personal Finance picked up a guest post on my site which provides 5 basic and necessary personal finance tips. My post asking whether Your Work Hours Were Optimal for you to make money [...]

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What to Consider When Choosing Dividend Paying Stocks

Dividend Growth Investing is a great strategy to build wealth and passive income over a long period of time. I'm a firm advocate that one doesn't need to be a guru to be a successful investor and that do-it-yourself dividend investing is a solid way to go. Dividend-paying companies as a group, and especially the dividend aristocrats, tend to be mature and stable cash-generating business that provide their shareholders with safe and growing passive income. So, I love seeing people roll up their sleeves and build a dividend portfolio. Evan from here at My Journey to Millions has given me, Dividend Monk, [...]

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