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Starting a Business Is Cheaper Than Ever Before

 Whenever people start telling me their business ideas I start going into over drive almost feeding off their excitement and intensity.  Talking about starting a business or building an idea gets me pumped.  I start spouting off pros, cons, asking a ton of questions and am generally happy for that person and their breakthrough idea.  Start up Business costs are always part of the discussion. The September 2010 Fortune Magazine had a great chart comparing starting a business today and 10 years ago.  The example was for an electric bike store and included five categories: Incorporation – Then was $1,500 now is a [...]

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Does Money Buy Happiness? Evan’s Theory

How often do you hear that cliché statement, “Money doesn’t buy happiness”?  Well I think it does, and I have a theory on it! Money Does Buy Happiness Theory It is only a theory because I can’t prove it, although I am sure someone much smarter than I can prove it.  I was having a glass of whiskey in a co-worker/buddy’s office after we both had particularly rough days when a 3rd co-worker came to join us. This particular co-worker, is a very nice woman but clueless to an annoying fault. I can’t guess how old she is (has to be mid [...]

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Are Generation Y-ers Different? Do I follow the Stereotypes?

I was reading an article today titled “Serving Gen Y Now: Advice on branding, service and capturing Gen Y – and its assets – now” in the August 2010 edition of Investment Advisor and it got me to thinking do I follow the mold of what people perceive Generation Yers to be?  Generation Yers are those born in the mid 70s up until 2000. According to Alexa, I seem to have a lot of Generation Y readers, so I figured I’d bring my thoughts to everyone.  The article provides some interesting quotes stereotyping the generation: …Gen Y’s view on wealth is different from that [...]

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What do you Think of “Sure” Investment Articles?

Whenever I see an article titled like the The Wall Street Journal’s, Ten Money Moves that Will Always Pay Off, I always read it.  Always.  I have no idea why I am attracted to lists like this.  It may have to do with the search for that elusive financial unicorn? or the quest for knowledge? These list type articles rarely provide any new wisdom, but either provide me with a refresher of what I could be doing better or annoy me because I don’t agree with everything or think it is way too simplistic. This recent list of ‘guaranteed’ investments provide a [...]

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Updating the Perpetual Income Machine

After giving you all the facts about how my dividend portfolio has done over the past 6 months, I figured it was time to update my spreadsheets to determine whether I am sticking with my 3 dividend producing stocks and the catch-all ETF. My Current Dividend Portfolio I took a four step approach to create my dividend portfolio. First I listed all the Dividend Aristocrats. Then I cut all those stocks whose P/E ration was either in line, equal or worse as compared to the industry standard. Next I looked at yield and Lastly, I looked at Price to Book. I ended [...]

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