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Picking Dividend Aristocrat Stocks

I recently explained that I want to set up a dividend paying portfolio.  In that post I went over how I planned on starting to create this perpetual passive income account.  So this is basically my thought process on how to narrow down 4 or 5 stocks to create the dividend portfolio, which I am going to name “Perpetual Income Machine.”  I am going to start very small, and as I get more comfortable I will increase the weekly/monthly contributions. Dividend Aristocrats The first thing I did was pull the Standard and Poors Dividend Aristocrats list.  The S&P Dividend Aristocrats are blue chip [...]

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My Introduction to Dividend Investing and Multiple Streams of Income

Throughout the life of this blog I have talked about my desire to create multiple streams of income.  While I have been trying to do more side legal work in addition to my day job and I have my prosper account up and running, I have yet to create a dividend based portfolio which is something I have wanted for a long time.  I have never claimed to be an investing guru, or any kind of guru for that matter, but especially not an investing expert.  My 401(k) is almost completely in low cost mutual funds and my speculation account isn't doing [...]

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Why Does Everyone Hate on Financial Planners? Defending Financial Advisors

Almost every personal finance blog out there (even the best of the best on my blogroll) hates on financial planners, financial advisors, investment advisors, etc., but I don’t understand all the expressed hatred.  A financial advisor could be very useful for those that need help, despite all the negative information out there. Before even starting, I will concede that there are bad apples out there that don’t care nor understand the basic tenants of financial planning.  However, that being said, I spent an entire semester in law school taking ethics and learning about lawyers that didn’t act appropriately (and the New York Law Journal [...]

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What is the Middle Class Task Force and Who is on it?

I never knew until today that the Obama Administration, in his/their infinite wisdom, created The Middle Class Task Force.  According to the White House the Middle Class Task Force’s main initiative is to, [raise]the living standards of middle-class, working families in America. With specific goals of, Expanding education and lifelong training opportunities Improving work and family balance Restoring labor standards, including workplace safety Helping to protect middle-class and working-family incomes Protecting retirement security Wow, those are some hardcore goals, that are probably better suited...for I don't know...THE GOVERNMENT AS A WHOLE! Regardless, of the stupidity that this group was going to look [...]

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How Financial Planners SHOULD Act

Due to my position at work, I get a ton of trade magazines on a daily basis.  It just so happens that "trade" in this case means law, money, financial planning magazines so that is pretty okay with me!  In my daily flipping to find out if anything life breaking has occurred I came across a great article written by Roy Diliberto titled, "Basic Truths: Financial Life Planning" in the February edition of Financial Advisor Magazine. Mr. Diliberto provides, what he believes should be self-evident truths for being in the business of what he refers to as Financial Life Planning.  The below tenants are phenomenal goals, but just [...]

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