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Three Common Qualities of High Net Worth Individual’s Balance Sheets

I recently wrote that it doesn’t matter whether you make $46,000 a year or $460,000 the basics of personal finance are always the same, and one of my readers/fellow blogger, Investor Junkie, made a comment, @Evan: It would be great if you could write a few blog posts on your observations you’ve had working with high net worth clients. What got them there and with you think is different with them than say the average joe. Right off the bat, I am going to tell you that I have no idea what got them there, for that I would defer to studies [...]

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Is there Anything More Important than Money when it comes to a Job?

There are a ton of people who either love their job, and alternatively, there are a ton of people who hate their job but the money is just too much to pass up.  But is there anything more important than the money? Are there characteristics about a job that make it amazing? What does Evan Do? This isn't an easy question to answer, because each day is different.  Since I just checked the google results for "my official title" and "Evan" and up pops me! I can't be giving that to you, but I can discuss my responsibilities a little. I am back-office support for [...]

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The 241st Carnival of Personal Finance

I was excited to be picked to host the 241st Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  There were over 70 submissions to the Carnival this week!  I have read every single one below (to those that didn’t make it I am sorry) and can tell you each one will either teach you something or entertain you in some way. This was the first time I hosted a Carnival and about 85% of the submissions weren’t spammy or horribly written.  Do yourself a favor and read each one!  It might take a while but it is worth it (and I did it [...]

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Carnival of Money Stories 2

I like hosting in Carnivals because it forces me to read a ton of usually great posts from authors and bloggers that I don’t usually check out.  Carnival of Money Stories has a great objective, A weekly blog carnival where individuals share their stories/experiences with money So all those great authors and bloggers who submitted posts that have nothing to do with the Carnival’s goals I am sorry for not highlighting your post.  To all those that attempted to gain some link juice by submitting terrible articles that have nothing to do with the subject, then I am not sorry. There were [...]

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The Basics of Personal Finance are Not Hard It Doesn’t Matter if you Make $46,000 or $460,000

Every single day at work, I discuss multimillion dollar estates.  Every day I get to work with balance sheets with numbers I can only dream about…hell with numbers anyone can dream about.  Just today, I saw a balance sheet with approximately $21,000,000, and it was only $21,000,000 because he didn’t want it written down that he owns another $9,000,000 of art work.  But something interesting happened while “war-rooming” a new case and it brought me back to reality. While breaking down the client the assets were relatively normal (not like the case above), he had 2 children (6 and 2), but then when I asked about the income of [...]

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