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In 2.5 years of blogging I never publically shared any of traffic statistics.  It isn’t because I was embarrassed but because to be honest I never thought anyone would care, but how am I going to hold myself accountable if I don’t put it out there?  Since so few bloggers share these numbers I don’t know if they are good or bad. If you have published a similar post let me know and I’ll add it to the post.  Unless otherwise stated, all traffic statistics are taken from Google Analytics.

I am willing to put anything out there in this post so if you have questions ask them!

Key Metrics of My Journey to Millions as a Website

My Journey to Millions has a Page Rank of 3 and a Moz Ranking of 5.02 (Check out A Definition of Moz Ranking and why Moz maybe more important).   Currently, I am ranking #14 in the Yakezie Challenge of the Best Personal Finance Blogs.  My Journey to Millions also has an Alexa Ranking of around 88,000 (was as low as 70,000 earlier this year).  My Journey to Millions has a bit over 300 Feed Subscribers and over 620  Twitter Friends.  I am most proud of the the Yakezie challenge position, feed number and twitter number.

Traffic on My Journey to Millions Year to Date

From January 1, 2010 until December 16, 2010 My Journey to Millions has had:

  • 98,557 Visits
  • 144,123 Page Views
  • 62.88% of my traffic comes from Search Engines
  • 24.35% of my Traffic comes from Referring sites (Thanks Guys!)
  • 10.64% of my traffic comes from direct traffic
  • 2.13% comes from other

If we were to break down these numbers to monthly averages (11.5 months since I am 2 weeks from the end of the year):

  • 8,500 Visits Per Month
  • 12,532 Page Views per Month

As soon as I get excited that I might surpass 100K visitors this year I think about all those massive personal finance blogs that probably do that in a month!  I have no clue what my goals should be so my plan is just to keep working along fixing things I have done in the past and learning from mistakes.  To just say I want my traffic to increase x% seems disingenuous and fake without a plan.  I thought I would kill the traffic numbers working with a mentor but it didn’t work out for either of us.

So while I don’t have specific goals like I do for my personal finances (2011 version to be written in a couples weeks) I do know that running this site and writing for it, is my hobby (regardless of whether it is an unhealthy hobby).

Some Recent Blog Statistics I Have Come Across:

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