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Finding Help when Applying for Unemployment Benefits

Finding Help With Unemployment Benefits With unemployment at a 16-year-high in 2009, questions about unemployment benefits are on the minds of many Americans. Luckily, there are places to turn for help, including LawHelp and other online resources. Unemployment insurance is a benefit provided by the state for workers who meet certain eligibility requirements and who are unemployed due to no fault of their own. The specific details of the temporary financial assistance provided are determined by state governments within the guidelines set by federal law. Presently there are 50 state unemployment insurance programs, with additional programs in the District of Columbia and [...]

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Forget the Federal Estate Tax, You May Need to Worry About State Estate Taxes!

Almost every single day, I have to explain the Federal Estate Tax. The people I have to explain the federal estate tax to are not tax professionals, they are either financial advisors, other attorneys, or successful business owners. So, needless to say, I better explain estate taxes from 30,000 feet above. The details do not matter nearly as much as the idea of how the estate tax works, or more importantly how the estate tax will affect them or their clients. In the past I explained how to easily calculate the Federal Estate Tax, but lets focus on the point that the [...]

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The Horror of Just Paying Monthly Minimum Payment to Credit Cards

I think a lot of the people’s consumer debt stems from charging a large ticket item into “manageable” monthly minimum payments.  However, the problem that often arises is that a person only pays back the minimum. If we take a credit card bill of $5,000 with an interest rate of 15% and the minimum payments at 4.5% (each card decides how it’s minimum payments are calculated) then it will take you 109 months that is ONE HUNDRED and NINE months to get rid of that debt.  If we double that payment we will cut that time down to 13 months.  On top of [...]

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Children Singing Obama Song! What the Hell is This?

This is not a Personal Finance or Estate Planning post, but rather is part of “Are you Freaking Serious Fridays” where I take the last day of the week just simply to bitch and complain about whatever topic I feel is necessary to complain about. This week's bitchfest is about a viral video that is making the rounds throughout the internet.  It is the kids of a South Jersey Elementary school singing praise to Obama. First of all who the hell recorded this video and then uploaded the damn thing?  You just exposed 20 kid's faces to the internet. I would be [...]

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There are No New Rules when it Comes to First Time Home Buyers

Like one of my favorite bloggers out there, Bad Money Advice, I don’t really get all these “new” rules that are popping up everywhere.  I don’t believe the “its different” today BS.  I think most of the lists, at best, basically just rehash of old rules that I thought always existed (obviously, minus the past 7 to 9 years) or at worst provide Personal Finance Rules, which shouldn’t be set in stone. I came across another one of these articles titled, “Seven New Rules for the First-Time Home Buyers” written by Ron Lieber.   Mr. Lieber’s rules aren’t wrong, per se, but I [...]

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