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Why is Layaway Becoming More Popular?

Apparently CNBC is finding that more and more people are using layaway, and I just don’t get it! I have no recollection of using layaway, but then again I am only 27, and part of the generation where everyone had a credit card!  The Simpsons even had an episode where Santa's Little Helper received a Credit a Card under the name, Santos E. Yelper.  Well, we all know how that is sorting itself out now. Sears Layaway Details Since I have never used layaway lets review the details from Sears layaway: Contract is 8 Weeks Biweekly payments necessary Not available on every [...]

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My Journey to Millions Reallocates his 401(k) After Analyzing his Portfolio

Last week I reviewed Morningstar’s Free X-Ray Tool using my own 401(k).  I believe that most people should leave their retirement accounts alone, both in terms of invading it and asset allocation within the account.  I personally take a very balanced, hands off approach to my 401(k), choosing to look at my 401(k), as I should…an account I won’t be touching for 30 to 40 years. As such, I actively made the decision not to reallocate or change anything since I started contributing about a year ago.  My original allocation vs. how it worked out over the past year: Fund Targeted Allocation [...]

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The IRS Produces Videos for the Deaf in American Sign Language (ASL) to help them Understand Recent Tax Changes

When I discussed the best cell phone service for deaf or hard of hearing people I mentioned that my brother was deaf (yes, I know Sign Language).  So, whenever I hear something about deaf life or culture I have more than a general interest.  So, thanks to Kay Bell of Don’t Mess with Taxes for pointing out that the IRS now has a YouTube Page made for the deaf! The IRS ASL YouTube Page has 7 short videos covering: Making Work Pay Tax Credit General Recovery Message Unemployment Compensation Vehicle Tax Deduction Credit Repair Education Home Energy Credit First time Home Buyer [...]

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Should you Dream about Winning the Lottery?

Forget your personal/religious feelings when it comes to gambling, or even your view of state sponsored gambling (i.e. the lottery) when it comes to a public policy or as it relates to taxes, it is fun and cheap to play for the slight chance of a win a ton of cold cash. We all know that the odds of winning the lottery are terrible, but every time the New York Mega Millions hits over 9 digits (over $100,000,000) I have to buy a couple tickets.  I know it is a stupid move, I am well aware that I am not going to [...]

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Using Morningstar’s FREE Instant X-Ray Tool to Evaluate your Portfolio

Despite having my Series 6 and 63, I am not an investment expert, by any means, nor do I pretend to be.  Luckily, there are free tools out there for people like me to allow me (and maybe you lol) to analyze your portfolio and investments. I personally use Morningstar X-Ray Tool What is Morningstar? From their website, Morningstar is a premier online resource for financial news, information, and independent investment research to help people reach their financial goals, including a wide range of online portfolio management tools, financial data, unbiased stock and mutual fund analysis, video commentary, and much more for [...]

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