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Audit Worries – Your Surviving Family may be in for a Suprise

I was reading my fav. magazine today, Trusts and Estates and came across an amazing article.  Trusts and Estates Magazine has been around since the early 1900s and is read by most of the Trust and Estates world - it costs $35 an issue, but luckily work picks it up!   The article titled, "The Audit Rate Is Skyrocketing" written by Richard A. Behrendt (the full article can only be read with a subscription so I will just highlight it).  Before we get started, if you don't understand the simples behind the so-called "Death Tax" check this past post.  Simply put if your assets are under $3,500,000 [...]

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Work at Home Scams on the Rise

While surfing the net I saw a great question posed on the Money Blog Network Forum, but a relatively new user, Hi Everybody I was wondering if it is worth it working from home, I have been trying to find a job through the papers and a bunch of online job sites but can't even get a call back I have only 1 friend and he is in the same situation and my family is of no help either I was looking into doing data entry from home is it even worth it or too risky? Any Information would be Greatly Appreciated [...]

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Free Oil Change from Mitsubishi – Should I do it?

I received an E-Mail the other day from Mitsubishi Motors offering me a free Oil Change, first thoughts, "Damn it, I don't want to bring my car to the dealer!"  They are going to try and get me to buy a new car THEN when I tell them I don't want a new car they are going to tell me I have SOME problem that will cost me a ton of money to fix Generally, I hate bringing my car to anyone except my buddy who owns an autobody and mechanic shop.  He is a little bit more expensive, but he is [...]

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The Government may owe YOU Money – Be careful when doing your 2009 Taxes

While reviewing The Wall Street Journal's Personal Finance Site, I came across a great article written by Tom Herman titled, "Early Filers Piles on Errors."  Mr. Herman highlights Most people who got a payment last year won't qualify for an additional credit on their 2008 return. But millions of people who didn't get anything, or got less than the full amount, are indeed eligible this year for the recovery rebate credit -- if they can figure out how to decipher the rules and claim it. As you may remember, in an effort to stimulate the economy in a keynesian way, the gov't [...]

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Fesitval of Frugality #163rd Edition

This is my 100th Post (thank you, thank you), kind of exciting that it is also my first time hosting a Blog Carnival.  I am hosting the 163rd Edition of the Festival of Frugality.  There were approximately 80 entries, but I only felt 60 were worth my readers' valuable time (who is looking out for you?). I hate when I check out a Blog Carnival and then read a post and it has NOTHING to do with the carnival. So I want to let all the readers know that I have read every single post and think they are applicable to personal [...]

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