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Verify your Retirement Account’s Beneficiary

The Supreme Court Has Spoken - Verify the beneficiary on your Retirement Account In a recent case the United States Supreme Court has made it clear, YOU BETTER KNOW WHO IS THE BENEFICIARY ON YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT!  The case dated Jan 26, 2009, titled, Kennedy v. Plan Administrator for DuPont Savings and Investment was decided by the Court unanimously (full opinions for all law geeks HERE). I have very little interest in getting technical (mainly because I am not an employment law expert and this is not a law blog)  but here are the basics of the case, as quoted from  the United States Supreme Court [...]

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I Created a New Blog for the Wife

The Wife Sorry about the lack of post tonight, but I had two wakes in one week! The one I went to tonight, my father kept introducing me as the middle son-lawyer (my parents have 3). I always find it very weird, that my parents always introduce me by my chosen education/profession. Regardless, when I got back my wife told me she wanted her very own her computer-geek husband had to set one up. I explained that I can set up wordpress and get her sense of design is miserable and I can't really edit code that well. [...]

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Foreclosures aren’t Everyone’s Problem

Whenever the mainstream news starts making think in terms of absolutes, I know something is I quickly load up  As always, Cato Institute Author, Alan Reynolds provides a fresh view on something the main stream news outlets either don't see or don't want to bring up.  I have written about a Mr. Reynolds article in the past, and he was even cool enough to comment in response! A quick reminder, the Cato Institute's Mission is, to increase the understanding of public policies based on the principles of limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and peace. The Institute will use the most [...]

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Top 10 Reasons You Need to Get a Will ASAP

I found out that my dad is having major surgery in a couple weeks, so I had to ask..."Did he have a will, and would he like his son, who works with wills everyday, to make sure it follows his testamentary intent and is tax efficient?"  Well, I was shocked when he told me, he didn't have a will!  Can anyone say the shoemaker's son? Before we get started, I have talked about a Will in the past, but lets go over some basics.  A will is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as, An instrument, executed with the formalities of states statutes, by [...]

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Life Insurance and Annuities may be Right for Retirement Despite Money Magazine

Let me say this first and foremost, I generally like Money Magazine, but I was so angry when reading this month's issue.  It wasn't just one article but rather the combination of two articles.  On page 29 there is an article titled, "Keep Your Nest Egg Safe from Uncle Sam" by Karen Cheney and the other titled, "New Doubts about a Once Sure Bet" written by Walter Updegrave. Ms. Cheney's article initially discusses the real basics on tax deferred accounts (i.e. max out your 401(k), get in an IRA, maybe a roth if you can).  Then Ms. Cheney uses the title "unusual shelters" and gives us [...]

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