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Obama – Show me the Money

Every single day I have a friend, family member or co-worker talking to me about politics/economics.  While, I don't see myself as above intelligent, I think am able to formulate and communicate an argument (maybe that does make me smarter lol JOKING!).  Well today, I had a very close friend arguing with me above government spending.  I have talked about my libertarian views which tend to minimize government spending - HERE, HERE and HERE. Well today, this particular guy was going at it pretty hard, so I checked with one of my fav. websites to see if there was any new research/articles pertaining to how in [...]

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Carnival of Personal Finance – Financial Armageddon Edition

My post titled, "Nursing Home Expenses are Deductible" was chosen for this week's Carnival of Personal Finance, Financial Armageddon Edition, found at Master Your Card.  Here are some choice articles: Destroy Debt explains the Difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  Great introduction for those that want tax info made simple. Financial Wellness Program quickly goes over his - 5 things she/he wants to do when she/he is debt free HERE.  I would have liked some more detail but it has me thinking! The Wisdom Journal discusses the return of layaway.  With the ease of online banking and high yield savings accounts, [...]

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To Know Thyself is the Only Way to Overcome You!

I believe that the only way to better one's self is to be true to thyself.  No matter what the subject, if you are self aware you can compensate short comings or emphasize strengths.  If we are talking sports, if you are aware of your weaknesses you can work on it/them (or avoid that position/sport), if we are talking about learning if you are aware of how you learn you can change the way you study, and lastly, if you understand how you save/spend you can be successful in the realm of personal finance. What does this have to do [...]

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Socialism is not a Good Idea Regardless of Angry and Incoherent Comments

A Sexy Beast who Shouldn't be Forgotten I apologize beforehand this post is nothing more than a political rant.  If you don't want yet another view, end your reading now, try one of my other posts that are based on facts and tax law and not opinion like this one, or this one, or this one! There are a few blogs that I try to check daily (despite me offering feed options, I don't have one! I am a bad financial blogger geek, I know); today I caught up on a favorite one of mine, Clever Dude.  He wrote a [...]

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Avoid these 5 Financial Mistakes Regardless of intelligence

Linda  Formichelli from CNBC wrote an article, "Five Money Mistakes Even Smart People Make" which highlights 5 items that she thinks "even smart people" make mistakes.  I don't really get the title (other than to get readers - it worked for me), I don't think intelligence (a term hard to define) correlates with personal finance. Think about how many amazing doctors, lawyers, etc., completely fail when it comes to their personal finances. Regardless of my confusion she provides a pretty good list: Money mistake No. 1: Minding the pennies and missing dollars - I know so many people (myself included) that does this...I'll drive 7 [...]

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