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The Wife Knows!

I am not sure if she'll read the blog on a daily basis, make comments or simply ignore it, but whatever her choice/participation is - it is appreciated and more than welcomed.  Maybe I'll let her do a guest post

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Debt Update 8/27/2008

In conjunction with providing great and useful information, I created this blog is to keep me accountable for my debts.  As of this update I am focusing on my wife and I's Credit Cards (as indicated by my status bar to the left). This is an update as to our progress: 7/27/2008 8/27/2008 CitiCard #1 141.99 0 AccountCentral (Discover) 1,758.30 1,443.56 CitiCard #2 7,797.00 7,700.15 Bank of America (VISA) 1,344.97 1,359.84 Juniper - - Discover 4,979.02 4,850.00 American Express - - Discover #2 862.70 827.99 We are consistently making payments throughout the month to each of the debts.  I am trying my best [...]

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Education Loan Interest is Not Always Tax Deductible

It seems to be a common statement among parents, planners, financial aid people, some bloggers, etc. that Don't worry about education loans, they are tax deductible... Like most tax advice is a half truth. Student Loans Are not Always Tax Deductible Yes, your interest is tax deductible if you don't pass certain threshold income limits. As you will see, these threshold limits are not very high! As indicated by IRS Publication 970 Chapter 4 (2007), The amount of your student loan interest deduction for 2007 is gradually reduced (phased out) if your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is between $55,000 and [...]

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Top 5 Finance Sites

I spend an healthy amount of time on the Internet, so I figured I would share my favorite 5 free finance related sites.  The reason I limited the list to free is not due to alliteration, but rather I am part of the generation that assumes everything on the Internet should be free, including great information.  I decided to keep blogs out of it, because I can't limit them down to just 5 and there are so many aggregators out there, that allow a person access to all of them so why limit ourselves.  I am sure there are similar lists out there, and if anyone [...]

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