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Who is Going to Take Care of your Pet IF you Die?

Was reading a trade publication today called Trusts and Estates Magazine, I LOVE this magazine - it is a wealth of information written by tax professionals for tax professionals.  Most of the info in there is not approprioate for a personal finance blog...not because it is not interesting, but rather, it is written for those who work for people with net worth into the 7 figures.    Well today I read an article that reminded me of something that I learned in law school which I felt the need to share with everyone. The aticle was titled, "Trust Fund Puppies" by M. Katherine [...]

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What to do with a Semi-Used Gift Card

For special occasions my mom is likely to give me a Gift Card with a major corporation behind it (Visa, Amex, etc.).  It is likely she does it because I am a PAIN to shop for (just ask THE WIFE) - I don't have any REAL hobbies, I hate spending money, and I hate others spending money on me for things that I don't want. I like these gift cards because I use them like cash (as compared to lets say a best buy card where I have to buy something there), so I'll use it to get gas, pay insurance, pay [...]

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How to Steer Clear of Shady Advisors – It is Harder than you Think

As I have stated, I constantly read's Personal Finance Section online, I find that their articles are usually interesting and informative; well tonight I read an article which was neither.  It was titled, "How to Steer Clear of Shady Advisors" written by Mary Pilon.  It was obviously (in my humble opinion) written by Ms. Pilon to be a direct response to people worrying about the Madoff situation. For the benefit of those of you who have live underneath a rock,Wikipedia succinctly offers what is going on, Madoff was arrested by the FBI on December 11, 2008 on criminal charges of securities [...]

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What is a Default Judgment? How Does it Affect your Personal Finances?

This post is not written to be legal in nature, otherwise it would be a whole heck of a lot more boring, rather I just want to highlight the basics of a Default Judgment and what to do if you find out there is one on your credit report.  I have never practiced in this area, this is no where near an expertise of mine, but rather I was prompted to write this post after helping a couple of my family members, who had a default judgment in their name. I want to highlight 3 distinct questions, and then I can expand [...]

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The IRS Backs Off on Finalized 403(b) Regulations

As I have stated I sometimes do advanced estate and retirement planning so I am not sure how many people will find this information useful, but hell its my blog so I'll share it anyway!  Specifically, this information is for those people who run or are involved in a small 403(b). Put very very very simply the IRS last Final 403(b) regulations were published on July 26, 2007 (full regulations HERE), and they were generally to become effective on Jan 1, 209.  For the most part the regulations said...if you have a 403(b) plan it has to be written down and follow [...]

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