14 08, 2019

My Last Night in my Second Home

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Well after a number of housing updates it is finally the night before we move out of our second home.  This home has been amazing to my family for the past six and a half years.  We have become part of a community I didn't know was possible on Long Island.  I tell anyone that will listen about the amazing town we live in.  It is the only home that my 4 year old daughter has known and I am pretty sure it is the only home that my 8 year old son remembers (although he swears he remembers our old place, [...]

1 08, 2019

August 2019 Net Worth Update

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July was not that crazy of a month but my world is about to turn upside down in August.  We are: Buying a new house - The closing costs in New York are infuriating, plus the moving costs, painting, flooring, etc., etc., etc. Going on at least 3 trips that I know of - camping, something for my father in law's birthday, and possibly something for my mother I may be selling a piece of my current home to two investors (a close buddy and brother) - I haven't talked a lot about this yet, but I am in talks with them to [...]

29 07, 2019

Thinking about Paying off Low Interesting Debt!

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With the upcoming home purchase (without a home sale on the other side), I have really been giving a lot of thought to my monthly nut.  An unhealthy amount.  Then I came up with an idea described in excruciating detail below. My Increased Monthly Nut I believe that most adults should have at least an idea of what they spend a month.  I have been in the back office of a wealth management firm for over 12 years, and I can't begin to tell you how many people do not have any kind of clue as to what they spend each month.  Money [...]

18 07, 2019

Small Business Financing

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When you have an idea for a business or a dream of starting something on your own, a major hurdle can be funding. Some businesses may have large startup costs while others may not require much to begin or function, but it’s a reality that not everyone has the access to funds to live out their dream. Fortunately, there are options to consumers for small business financing that can help. Get a bank loan The most common way of financing is getting a loan through a bank or lender. You can either go to a brick and mortar bank or even borrow [...]

11 07, 2019

Undervalued Dividend Watch List – July 2019

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It's going to be interesting to me to look back in a year or two at some of these posts because it feels like the market is either about to shoot up some more with a strong base underneath it which was tested in December 2018, or this could all come crumbling down quickly! Regardless, I march onward searching for possibly undervalued stocks that have increased their dividend for at least 20 years.  Every month I screen for undervalued dividend growth stocks and buy a lot (as defined by me as $500) or two.  My goal is that one day I can turn off [...]