15 08, 2018

10 Years of Blogging!

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I can't believe it has been 10 years since I started this personal finance blog.  So much of my personal, professional and financial life have changed since nervously publishing my first post. I honestly didn't know if anyone would read it, and at the time I don't think I really cared.  I knew that I wanted some accountability to anyone that may come across it. The amazing thing about having a blog, especially one with a specific focus like personal finances, is that it provides you with the ability to take a look at a snapshot of what you were thinking at a specific [...]

9 08, 2018

Getting the Most Out of Your Financial Planner

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It’s not unusual for someone to walk away from a meeting with their financial planner and not feel as though anything new was accomplished. This common experience leaves many people wondering if they’re actually getting something out of the situation. Chances are you’re reaping the benefits of having a financial planner, even if you don’t know it. However, it doesn’t hurt to make sure. With this in mind, consider the following in order to start getting the most out of your financial planner: Find a great one It sounds like a no-brainer, but how much time and effort did you put into [...]

8 08, 2018

Reallocating Future 401(k) Contributions From 50% Cash

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Almost exactly 1 year ago I decided to change the allocations of my new capital contributed to my 401(k) from a balanced mix of funds to 50% cash to build up a stock pile of money to deploy when, not if, a correction occurred.   In addition, I took 10% out of equities and put it in cash as well.  The move had been on my mind for a while and when I saw another blogger's post about some very real statistics regarding then CAPE/PE10 levels I decided to act.   I laid out the exact risk/reward, The risk is clear – the market keeps RIPPING [...]

7 08, 2018

Where Does the Money Go?

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The online lottery provider Lottoland recently did some research into just how the average American spends his or her money over the course of a lifetime. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics they have uncovered some very surprising information about just where our money goes, and not all of it makes for pleasant reading! In order to avoid getting bogged down in reams of complicated numbers, they have presented their results based on a hypothetical $100 to represent the money we earn over a lifetime. Find out just how much of that hard-earned cash goes where! So where does the [...]

5 08, 2018

Retire Debt Free: Eliminating Timeshare Fees Helps Your Financial Plans

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The timeshare industry is a multi-billion one. Fancy dinners in fancy hotels serve as the stage where agents sell annual vacations to couples financially independent singles. The promise of owning a piece of land one can call their “own spot in paradise” sounds enticing on paper but is very impractical in real life. This “everyone is doing it so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon” thinking is a great way to push the demand of timeshares. Unscrupulous salespeople bloat the cost of buying and exaggerate the benefits of owning a timeshare - they even go as far as telling prospective buyers [...]