The Pros and Cons of Calculating Your Net Worth

A net worth statement is the cornerstone of your personal finance world.  It provides the real world results associated with trying to spend less than you earn and invest the difference.  It allows you to see the real life application of long term investing.  It allows you to quantify how much you should be freaking… Continue Reading

How to Quickly Over Come Bad Credit

Having bad credit can hinder you from doing a lot of things such as purchasing a home, taking out a loan, or even getting a car. Therefore, it is understandable that those who have bad credit want to turn it around quickly and today this article will be giving you guidance on how to do… Continue Reading

October 2015 Net Worth Update

For the past few years, I would take a few minutes at the beginning of each month to calculate my net worth.  I then share how much it has grown (or recently shrank) both month over month and year to date. Calculating my Net Worth My Assets My Cash Savings Accounts – I only really… Continue Reading

Why Aren’t More Companies Going Public?

I recently read a very interesting article from Market Watch titled, “Even Companies are Avoiding the Stock Market” which provided some very interesting stats about the size and attributes of the stock market.  It begs the question why aren’t more companies going public. The Size of the United States Stock Market When you are discussing… Continue Reading

Know the Basics before Investing in Bonds

Anyone who wants to retire comfortably needs to use investments to build a comfortable nest egg. Stocks and bonds offer much higher interest rates than savings accounts and certificates of deposits do, giving individuals higher rates of return. While many people have at least basic knowledge about stocks and the stock market, only a few… Continue Reading