Hard Metrics Versus Human Minds: Understanding Shopper Habits Beyond Numbers

When you’re evaluating how to make improvements to your store and increase business, you can’t just rely on hard numbers. Metrics that measure consumer behavior are useful, but they’re only a tool to be used to understand the habits of online shoppers that visit your store. For example, perhaps you find that you have aContinue Reading

February 2014 Dividend Champion Watch list Update

After my January 2014 Dividend Watch list update I bought:  16 Shares of LEG for $490.03 including commissions 9 Shares of TGT for $523.02 including commissions I didn’t sell any shares last, although I may be doing this a bit more when/if I find a particular equity egregiously overvalued as is/was the case with the onlyContinue Reading

Workplace Violence: How to Reduce the Threat

Believe it or not, workplace violence is the second leading cause of workplace-related injuries in the United States, and while the occurrences of workplace violence are diminishing, it remains a concern — especially for people working in more vulnerable fields like healthcare and cash-based services. Some two million people report being the victims of workplaceContinue Reading

How Not to get Ripped off with Probate

Evan’s Note: Considering that most of my day is involved with Estate Planning I was very interested in learning about the probate process in England, so I asked a buddy. Grief is a very painful process, so it is important to avoid increasing the strain on your state of mind by making sense of theContinue Reading

Do Not Liquidate Your 401(k) When Leaving Your Job

For better or worse the 401(k) seems to be the main savings vehicle for Americans, so it always shocks me how little most people actually know about it.  Financial Advisor Magazine (along with every other main stream media outlet) jumped on a recent report by Fidelity (oddly enough none of these main stream outlets seemContinue Reading

Insider Trading: What It Is and How to Fight It

For many people the concept of insider trading is a foreign one. However, insider trading is a serious crime that can cost the United States economy millions of dollars each year. Law enforcement and government agencies are working tirelessly to investigate the allegations and prosecute the offenders. We’ll look at some additional information on insiderContinue Reading