Top cities to invest in commercial property

A number of very different factors come into play when looking to invest in commercial property. But above all of them, there is an underlying presence which no savvy investor will be able to change: the economic health and outlook of the city. This is a simple enough reason to start looking globally whenever you’re… Continue Reading

Sort your finances: move up the career ladder

The wolf’s at the door again, and this time he’s got a warrant from creditors. He’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll take your telly from you to pay off your debts.Moving up the career ladder  can help your personal finances not only by earning more income but by taking advantage of opportunities that you… Continue Reading

Happy 34th Birthday to Evan

One of the most interesting things about owning a blog is being able to go back in time and read about the mindset I was in year’s past, and nothing like a birthday that will get you all nostalgic.  Notwithstanding, I rarely go back into my archive because if it is a personal post I… Continue Reading