Why Most People Should Be In Favor of the Federal Estate Tax

I think it is a very easy and popular position to be against the federal estate tax (affectionately known as the “death tax”).  The arguments against the estate tax range from the simple, “the government should death tax it is hard enough” to the bit more sophisticated, “the decedent was already taxed on all earningsContinue Reading

There are Amazing Investment Lessons in Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letters Part One

When I finished Warren Buffet’s authorized biography The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life last month I knew I wasn’t done delving into all that is Buffett.  I immediately downloaded all of his shareholder letters.  If you are new to Buffett (beyond reading what other’s think he is thinking on investment sites) IContinue Reading

Credit Card Miles Vary By Card

You would be surprised at how many people collect miles thinking they are all the same They are not. Seat Availability Take the example of a trip to Europe. It will cost 60,000 miles for starters with either United or Delta miles. But the reality is it is a lot harder to find a seatContinue Reading

Net Worth Update March 2014

I selfishly come back to this site a day or two after a new month to update and share my net worth growth (or loss).  Why is it selfish? I don’t think readers other than the few who, have taken a vested interest in my success, get a whole lot out of these net worthContinue Reading

Little Known Pitfalls that Damage your Credit and How to Avoid Them

Banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions have all made you well aware that your credit score is a critical part of doing business with them. A below average credit score will make it very difficult for you to secure a loan, buy a car, rent a home or get a credit card withContinue Reading

I May be a Landlord by Year’s End

I have thought about owning rental property for a few years.  Other than in a goals and objectives post I never mentioned the desire on the blog, because it never felt like an actual possibility. The first problem is that the pure cost of purchasing an investment property on Long Island would be significant. I amContinue Reading