10 02, 2017

Reviewing, Rebalancing and Reallocating my 401(k)

By | February 10th, 2017|Qualified/Retirement|4 Comments

While I have been meddling with my 401(k) by buying and selling on huge drops and gains, I haven't actually reviewed my 401(k) for a few years!  That is probably way too long, but considering how often I am investing, trading, and generally moving money this is probably a good thing for me.  I am going to start from scratch on this project, and as such, first I will review my choices, then rebalance what I currently have invested and then reallocate my future contributions.  The past growth, and/or decisions I made (which I don't think are wrong) are irrelevant. Reviewing my [...]

9 02, 2017

How to Handle Your Loans

By | February 9th, 2017|Debt|0 Comments

Sometimes we resort to loans to address financial circumstances when savings and other funding ideas just won’t cut it. Loans have now become even more accessible and very quick to avail. However, loans have a way of denting your budget if you don’t tread carefully. If you are getting a cash loan for the first time or would like to correct past credit mistakes, here are some tips for you to consider. Only borrow the needed amount. Borrow only £1,000 if that is all you need to address the cash problem and don’t take any extra money just to get those new [...]

7 02, 2017

A Reminder and Encouragement to Refocus on Building Sustainable Passive Income

By | February 7th, 2017|Investments|4 Comments

It has been a while since I have gotten a strong reminder about why I want to build sustainable passive income sources.  Well, I have received that wake up call.  I am not sure why, but I have largely moved away from discussing personal items on this blog.  I think the reason is that since I am not networking within the personal finance blog world there is no need to tell the personal side of the story since those vested in my story have diminished.  I am not complaining as that is largely my fault, but rather it has shifted the way [...]

6 02, 2017

Here’s How to Make a Stress-Free Plan for Retirement

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The world’s population is ageing, fast. We’re making increasingly health-conscious choices, and many of us are living well into our eighties and beyond as a result. That’s great – but it means we have a significantly longer retirement to save towards than our parents did. Making sure you’re prepared can seem a gargantuan task. But fear not – it doesn’t have to be scary. You can ready yourself for your later years with just a few small lifestyle changes. Here they are: 1) Start early It’s never too soon to think about the future. Beginning to save in your twenties could really [...]

1 02, 2017

February 2017 Net Worth Update

By | February 1st, 2017|Personal Finance|2 Comments

Every month when I open my net worth spreadsheet to update it I get a bit anxious.  It is like getting back the results of a single test in high school.  You can't do anything to change it as the test was already taken and you know that one single test doesn't really matter, but nonetheless, you are receiving objective feedback as to how well you did in a short amount of time. To extend the analogy a little bit more, you kind of know how well you did since you know if your spending was out of control or the market [...]