Keeping Track of My 2015 Football Activity

The only sport I pay attention to is Football, and boy do I really get into it!  Ever year I put money towards a few leagues without any record of whether this is a profitable endeavor.  I am going to change that this year!  Maybe if I can figure out a pattern over a few… Continue Reading

September 2015 Net Worth Update

I have not been looking forward to writing this post.  With an increased debt load this past month and the shit storm that has been the market I am positive this is going to be the biggest one time drop since I started tracking my net worth a few years back.  Things are not going… Continue Reading

Turning Back on my Dividend Reinvestments

Earlier this year, I declared that I was finished with automatic dividend reinvestments, but I am here to admit, for me, that was a mistake. My very logical thought process was that if I wouldn’t deploy new capital into stocks that do not pass my screen for undervalued dividend investments why let paid dividends buy… Continue Reading