A Unique and Advanced Way to Save Money

It seems like everyone these days are trying to save money and reduce expenses, but everyone overlooks this unique and advanced way to save some money while providing further protection for your family. Don’t worry it is not illegal, nor is it on late night commercials/infomercials. 1035 Exchange of Insurance Contracts As the IRS highlights,Continue Reading

What is the single most important initiative that the next administration should undertake to improve the economic health of the U.S. middle class?

I am participating in the first ever (well at least to my knowledge) Synchroblog associated with the personal finance realm.  I couldn’t find a good definition of a Synchroblog so I am going to make one up, A Synchroblog is joint writing/blogging where a common question or theme is posed to a select group ofContinue Reading

Tax Carnival #41: TaxtoberFest 2008

I think a vital area of personal finance blogging is the explanation of tax issues.  I recently wrote an article titled, “Simple Explanation of Estate Taxes” was chosen for the Tax Carnival #41: TaxoberFest 2008.  The whole Carnival hosted hereby Don’t Mess with Taxes is a ridiculous amount of information on taxes, if you haveContinue Reading

Wall Street Journal’s Tips for Surviving this Financial Nightmare

Brett Arends from the Wall Street Journal Personal Finance Section wrote a great article titled, “What You Can Do Right Now – Unpredictable Politics make this a tough moment to invest.  Here are some sound strategies for protecting – and still growing – your money.” The article provides 10 basic tips, in his opinion 10 tipsContinue Reading

Increase in FDIC Limits? Who Cares?

CNBC has highlighted the major pork add-ons in the 2nd bail out bill bumping it up to a slim 400 pages!  There is one that is getting a lot of press, but I am confused why.  CNBC highlights that, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp’s current insurance limit on bank deposits would rise to $250,000 per accountContinue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance #172

My article, “Leave your Retirement Account Alone” was chosen for the Carnival of Personal Finance #172hosted by Debt Kid.  A great Carnival, here are a few of my fav. articles:   The Happy Rock, provides a place to watch “In Debt we Trust.”  I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it yet, but I look forward toContinue Reading