Long Term Care Insurance may be State Income Tax Deductibility

I learned something yesterday that I figured I would share with my readers.  Not sure how many of readers actually own Long Term Care Insurance but I learned something about yet another positive about it. Before getting into what I learned and want to share, a quick definition of long term care insurance.  Rather thanContinue Reading

15 vs 30 Year Mortgages – Longer is better!

I read an interesting post that really got me thinking today. It was written by a great blogger nicknamed Money Hawk, if you have never read his blog I implore you to check it out. He wrote a great post titled “Kick Financial Ass With a 15 Year Fixed Mortgage.” His basic premise is simplyContinue Reading

Credit Cards that Help? Not for me just yet

I have discussed in the past that being that I am not out of debt, a rewards card is not a good decision…right now, but every so often I think about the rewards associated with credit cards. Regardless of my personal situation, I found an interesting article  in Wall Street Journal titled, “Credit Cards HelpContinue Reading

DVDXPress Promotion

Just received an email that expires tonight so I wanted to get it up here quickly.  I am not sure it is a great deal unless you have free time tonight! Rent 1, Get 1 FREE Check out with Coupon Code “NINJA” with 2 movies in your shopping cart. Expires at midnight 12/08/08.  Forward toContinue Reading

IRS Increases the Amount you can Save in a Qualified Account for 2009

I was on the IRS’ website today for a different research project (something associated with 403(b)s and the final reguations which become effective Jan 1, 2009 – if there is any interest in this info let me know and I”ll do a post) and I came along some great useful information for almost everyone. TheContinue Reading

Thinking about Starting a Company – Here is a chance at a free LLC or Incorporation

I received an email from one of my sponsors today stating that they are offering free LLCs or Incorporation filings!  I used to work for a law firm that charged anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to the thousands for this kind of work. I can’t vouch for the workmanship but a quick google search indicates thatContinue Reading