Financial Update 3/4/09

One of the main reasons I started this site was to keep myself accountable to anyone that was reading!  Boy, have I failed (go ahead and yell at me…its cool). Right now I am focusing on debt repayment, when that is over I will work on pumping up my savings and I will share thoseContinue Reading

For Most Investors Diversification is Key

I felt horrible today as one of the planners who works in my office brought up a client we worked on 2 years ago.  As I have explained in the about me, I am back office support for a lot of fee based and commission based financial planners. This particular client came across my deskContinue Reading

9 Personal Finance Lessons from Legend of Zelda

As I was going through this Week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Free Money Finance (hell yeah my article on Verifying your Beneficiaries was chosen by FMF) I found a GREAT blog post that I had to rip off. Let me be clear, I am completely ripping off Pimp Your Finances’ post – his article, titledContinue Reading

Meeting my CPA Tomorrow What Should You Bring when Meeting to do Your Taxes

Well technically, since I am writing this post-12am on Sunday night/Monday morning it is today, but lets ignore that for now.  Weather permitting (anyone else out there on “the island” getting nailed by snow?), the Wife and I are meeting with our accountant/CPA that was recommended by a co-worker, and I need to figure outContinue Reading

Verify your Retirement Account’s Beneficiary

The Supreme Court Has Spoken – Verify the beneficiary on your Retirement Account In a recent case the United States Supreme Court has made it clear, YOU BETTER KNOW WHO IS THE BENEFICIARY ON YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT!  The case dated Jan 26, 2009, titled, Kennedy v. Plan Administrator for DuPont Savings and Investment was decided by the Court unanimouslyContinue Reading

I Created a New Blog for the Wife

Sorry about the lack of post tonight, but I had two wakes in one week! The one I went to tonight, my father kept introducing me as the middle son-lawyer (my parents have 3). I always find it very weird, that my parents always introduce me by my chosen education/profession. Regardless, when I got backContinue Reading