Sometimes Saving Hurts! Declining Interest Rates Shouldn’t Lead to Rate Chasing

I always thought one of the smartest things the Wife and I did when we got our wedding presents (read: cash) was to separate those gifts which we had to pay back (read: have the donor’s upcoming wedding), I even wrote a post it titled, “The Simplest Personal Finance Advice for Newlyweds.” In addtion toContinue Reading

The More You Know About Investing, The Less You Know About Investing

A professional baseball player knows more about baseball strategy than does a little leaguer.  A nutritionist is more likely to be able to figure out why you have been feeling run-down lately than is your next-door neighbor.   The buyer in a woman’s fashion store is better informed about what colors are trendy today than youContinue Reading

2008 Taxes Update – Taxes are E-Filed; What I am doing with the Refund?

I previously discussed the items one should bring to a tax appointment so I figured I should give my readers an update as to what happened. Our Meeting with our “New” Accountant The wife and I met with an accountant which came highly recommended by a co-worker.  The meeting went well, and he was shockedContinue Reading

Tax Mechanics of Intra-Family Loans

This post was inspired by a post titled, “Lending Money to Family and Friends” on a great blog fivecentnickel.   What are the Tax Mechanics of an Intra-Family Loan? Let me say this first: This is not a post about whether one should make loans between family members or friends, as such you may find itContinue Reading

An Investment Average of 10% won’t Guarantee Success

An Investment Average of 10% won’t Guarantee Success I saw a great advertisement released by my office’s parent company today; I have never released what my office’s parent company is…and I am not about to start now! Notwithstanding my obsession with privacy, I couldn’t get over this info and felt like I should share. Each portfolio hasContinue Reading

Easy Way to Save Money – Check your Utility and Cable Bills

I apologize for the short post, but I wanted to point out a stupid lesson I learned last week.  After the 150th commercial bragging about $99 for phone, internet and tv service, I lost it.  I called up my cable company asking, “why the hell was I paying $150 with no phone service!?” The very niceContinue Reading