Planning for Children with Special Needs – Part I Introduction

Disclaimer: You should always check with your financial or legal professional before estate or financial planning especially when dealing with as sensitive and advanced subject such as Children with Special Needs. I have no idea the reason, but I love estate planning and I hope that enthusiasm comes through on this blog.  There is something

A Couple of Carnivals and a Fun Movie Trailer about Beer

I participated in two carnivals recently and wanted to highlight them for all to read: Don’t Mess with Taxes hosted the 52nd Tax Carnival and chose my “Tax Mechanics of an Intra-Family Loan” Post.  Great Carnival with a lot of articles ranging from How to file for a Tax Extension to the sound advice that you

Where is my 2008 Tax Refund?

Check the status of your Federal Refund with the IRS’ “Where’s my Refund” I had previously discussed meeting with my accountant, why I wasn’t a huge fan of my account and receiving the news of my New York & Federal income tax refund.  Well its been a while, or at least it feels like a

Setting up a Roth IRA – 4 Easy Steps (part 2)

Setting up a Roth IRA – 4 Easy Steps (part 2)

This is a continuation of my post titled, Setting up a Roth IRA – 4 Easy Steps (part 1) – Outlining (in 4 easy steps) the creation of my brother’s Roth IRA. Parts 1 and 2 discussed the WHY, now we are going to discuss the how. Step 3 – Picking a Brokerage Site If you ever read my About