Applying for the Coolest Volunteer Position Ever! Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council

I read a post today on the Tax Policy Blog which now has me applying for the coolest position ever. Be forewarned, this position is only cool for finance and tax tools. Apparently the IRS is accepting applications for membership in the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) for a three year term beginning JanuaryContinue Reading

Sometimes 401(k)s are Better than IRAs

I get really annoyed when people quote any talking heads without taking into account one’s personal situation.  I am not sure why, but I can’t stand blind faith in anyone except maybe your version of a Creator. A LOT of personal finance bloggers, Talk Show Hosts, and house wives all over the country take theContinue Reading

Advanced Required Minimum Distribution Planning

I doubt the main point post will apply to many people reading this blog, but as I stated this blog was also started to highlight some of my research and planning experience. This idea may seem foreign to many, but I’d love to discuss it with anyone and everyone.  This post is for those thatContinue Reading

Does anyone REALLY know what they are Talking about With Housing Prices?

As I was sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for them to call me in so I can get 3 cavities filled (yeah my mouth hurts as I write this) I was reading headlines on my phone and I saw an article that just really made my blood boil. Today, Mark Koba wrote anContinue Reading

Success: It Starts with Yourself

Success: It Starts With Yourself Success comes to those who know themselves, apply themselves to the goals, and believe in themselves. Let the next success story be yours now! To paraphrase Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Indeed, nobody becomes astoundingly successful on luck, likelihood andContinue Reading

My Last Income Tax Update (hopefully)

I have given the readers of this blog an insight into my taxes, so I felt the need to give a conclusion to my income tax “situation” (yes, it has been upgraded to a situation).  These past updates include: Meeting my CPA Tomorrow – What should You Bring when Meeting with your CPA? Taxes areContinue Reading