How Can a QTIP help your Estate Plan?

You probably came to this post thinking how I was going to tell you how the amazing little cotton swab is going to save your estate plan.  However, that’s more reasonable then thinking that this is a post about how he Rapper named Q-TIP is going to save your Estate Plan (don’t remember him? AnyoneContinue Reading

What Does it Take to Get to a Million Dollars?

I had a very depressing/interesting discussion with the father in law this weekend.  I am a huge fan of my father in law, he is/was a great father, a successful business man and an overall great dude. Despite being, what I always considered staunch republican, we got into a great discussion about universal health care,Continue Reading

Remembering Lt. Joseph Gullickson – Project 2,966Remembering Lt. Joseph Gullickson – Project 2,966

I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in Project 2,996, and to make it even more special this is my 200th post.  Project 2,996 is a project by Dale Challener Roe.  Bloggers request to honor someone who had passed away during that horrible event.  Being that my older brother is FDNY, I askedContinue Reading

Where are Estate Taxes Going?

The question I hear the most when I am teaching classes are, where do you think the Estate Taxes are going?  I always respond, they aren’t disappearing. Period.   The current administration (along with the last one) is running through money like it was beer at a keg party!  So is it likely that we are goingContinue Reading

What I’ve Learned After our Miscarriage

I have briefly explained The Wife and my experience getting pregnant and then losing the baby.  Well, this is a guest post describing what she has learned along the way.  If you want to learn more about her or her other insights, check out her blog at After the Alter. I was talking to my friend theContinue Reading

Personal Finance as told by Sonic the Hedgehog

A while ago I wrote a fun post about how Legend of Zelda could teach you about personal finance.  Well this past Friday, I powered up the Wii and was reminded that I bought Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and couldn’t help but loading it up (mostly due to that SEGA Chant). It took less thanContinue Reading