A Review of My Actual Prosper Account

I have mentioned in the past that I really like P2P Lending, or Person to Person Lending.  I had previously talked about Prosper, when they brought back lending to New York, and most recently as an alternative source for liquid cash, but I have never given details about my account. Until Today. I always thoughtContinue Reading

I Don’t Think I Get PF Blogging

I think after 18 months I still don’t really get Personal Finance Blogging.    I am a huge fan of my blogroll (probably why it is my blogroll and why I check it multiple times a day) but sometimes I get confused on those sites. Actually, it isn’t the site that confuses me rather the responses thoseContinue Reading

Traditional and Non-Traditional Ways to Access Large Amounts of Liquid Cash

Sometimes, you need liquid cash, but not sure where to “find” it, and don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind I would never recommend ridiculous 20%+ cash advances or the usually evil payday loans.  The following ways should only be used when you need a good amount of cash, I would say the starting point would beContinue Reading

TransUnion Settlement

I have absolutely no idea when I decided to “opt in” the TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit, but a couple days ago I received my settlement. TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit Apparently, TransUnion was a bad credit monitoring agency and allegedly violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Specifically, Plaintiffs claimed that TransUnion sold private information which itContinue Reading

There are Many Ways to Commit Tax Fraud

Most people assume that the only way to commit tax fraud is not to pay it or to lie on those documents.  However, in New York, and probably most other jurisdictions, there are numerous ways to commit tax fraud. Like the Federal Government, and most other States, New York is short on tax revenue and inContinue Reading

Advanced Charitable Giving using Life Insurance

As we get into the holiday season people start to feel charitably inclined, and yes you could just drop some coins with the unenthusiastic guy with a bell, give a $20 spot at church, or write a check…but what if there was a bigger bang for your proverbial buck?   Over the next couple weeks I willContinue Reading