WTDirect Gives New Customers a Bank Bonus of up to $500

Long before I started blogging, I used to chase bank bonuses and deals, but with the downturn in interest rates they have been difficult to find.  But I was contacted about a new one from WT Direct! What is WTDirect? According to their Website WTDirect is a wholly owned subsidary of Wilmington Trust Company, a companyContinue Reading

Regardless of Cost or Debt You May NEED a Nice Car

I didn’t say you need an expensive car but some people need a nice car.  I know “nice” is a very subjective term, it could mean reliable, but in this post I simply mean an ascetically please car to society.  First and foremost I should mention that this post is almost entirely inspired by a fellowContinue Reading

Using Ellis Island Records to Find Relatives for Free

I don’t know much about my dad’s family history, so any insight always excites me.  My dad has a limited knowledge but it isn’t his fault.  My Papou (Grandfather in Greek) was the youngest of eight and was 60 when my dad was born!  So if you do the math it is possible that all ofContinue Reading

Be Careful When Attempting Faith Based Investing

Faith Based Investing is starting to get some press and investment companies are hearing the call, creating funds to meet that demand.  While I am Christian (Greek Orthodox to be exact) I am not a hardcore religious guy, so I don’t really get the desire to have a faith based portfolio, but more importantly, I don’t thinkContinue Reading

What are Deferred Annuities? Fixed vs. Variable Deferred Annuities

Annuities are easy to understand.  I already introduced the simple single premium annuity but like most things in life it gets a little bit more sophisticated.  Notice that I say sophisticated not complicated; Deferred Annuities are easy if you look at them the way I do!  There are zealots on both sides of Deferred annuities, IContinue Reading

What are Annuities? An Introduction to Immediate Annuities

Understanding Annuities makes it easier for you to make an informed decision rather than just listening to an advisor or worse a talking head on television.  Annuities often bring up strong emotions when they really shouldn’t, it is nothing more than a financial product often issued by insurance companies.  The definition of an annuity isContinue Reading