What’s the Hot Sector to Invest In? Do You Even Care?

I read an article today on CNN Money titled, “The Case for Buying Small Cap Stocks” where the author, tells the reader why not to buy small cap stocks and then in the very same article tells you why you should invest in small cap stocks.  It kind of annoyed me for two reasons: TheyContinue Reading

6 Months Later a Look at my Perpetual Income Machine

In February I wrote about wanting to start investing in dividend producing stocks and then I immediately wrote about creating my dividend portfolio.  Well since it has been six months I am going to review my process and review my results. Creating my Dividend Portfolio I went through my own process to determine what stocksContinue Reading

What Does Patent Pending Mean?

The Wife received a cool wine aerator from a company named, Vinturi.  I noticed that the box mentioned that the technology was patent pending, and I thought to myself what does ‘patent pending’ even mean? Review of Vinturi Wine Aerator First the results of the product.  The product is a modern looking glass piece thatContinue Reading

Do You Need to Force Yourself to be Cash Poor to Stay on Track?

Like most things in life, I truly believe that the basics of personal finance is a combination of mental toughness and knowing yourself.  I know I need barriers between me and cash; this is the very reason I can’t carry cash on me.  Talk about a weird feeling when I have debit card $3.33 from McDonalds (don’tContinue Reading

2 Years of Blogging! Something More Important than Finances

When I was deciding how to memorialize my second year of blogging I thought of two things.  A blog give away or a really detailed financial update as to what has changed in my life since I wrote my first post on August 5th, 2008.  But then it hit me, it would be a coolContinue Reading

My Journey to Millions Almost 2 Year Anniversary – Repost of my First Central Theme

August 5th, 2010 will be 2 years for My Journey to Millions! To put that in perspective: High School was 4 years College was 4 Years Law School was 3 years I have been Married 2 years and 2 months For the past couple days I have re-posted some REALLY old posts. Today is the re-postContinue Reading