Your Credit Score Matters So Check it for Free with Credit Sesame

If you every plan on buying a house, car, applying for student loans, applying for a credit car your Credit Score matters. Even if you aren’t in the need of debt any time soon one should take responsibility, and, at the very least, have an idea as to what their score is.  I have come across a service that provides an estimated credit score and credit report without ever asking for your credit card! The service is Called Credit Sesame.

Upon signing up for the service, Credit Sesame will review your Experian Credit Report (one of 3 major credit bureaus) and provide you with your credit score.

Clicking Creditworthiness will provide what they consider an in-depth analysis of one’s debt, however, since I don’t have any credit card debt (just a revolving Amex card I pay off monthly) I don’t see that much information.

Why Does Credit Sesame Offer Free Credit Scores?

Whenever I am offered something for free (especially when there is no trial/credit card needed) I instantly become suspicious.   However, Credit Sesame explains clearly that they are not offering a credit score (which I assume costs them, not you, money) to be a nice company.  They obtain your credit score and they try to optimize your situation using their lenders:

In the end for me, there were no recommendations since this blogger is pretty optimized when it comes to debt!

Do you know your Credit Score? Ever Use Credit Sesame?

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One Response to Your Credit Score Matters So Check it for Free with Credit Sesame

  1. I filed bankruptcy in 2008 and discharged same year. My Credit Score is still Zero, How can i rebuild my credit score again. I got a 2 secured credit cards.

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