Using DealTracker to Save Money

Using DealTracker to Save Money

Recently I wrote a post about using online promotional codes, and I found another useful site called, DealTaker.   In the original post I shared that I always go online to find a promotional code before buying anything online. It’s just common sense. If you can save money on shipping, or get a percentage off why wouldn’t you? The answer is..of course you would!

My Son is getting Christened in about a month and I am thinking about getting a new suit for the occasion.  I abhore shopping but decided to check out if there were any Nordstrom Coupon Codes.  Just by searching the site I found a few quick coupons that were easy to use or share:

One thing I like is all the ways to search for codes. You can type in the store you are looking for, which acts as the most direct way to find what you want. But sometimes I don’t know what I am looking for till I find it. That’s when it’s fun to search the categories on the left hand side of the wepage.

Finding ways to save money is always a plus. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, and you can get anything from free shipping to saving tons of money by getting percentages off your purchases. But if you are going to take the time to search you might as well use a site that is easy and has exactly what you are looking for!

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  1. Aren’t there already tons of these coupon sites around the web like CouponAlbum and RetailMeNot? What makes this so original and cool?

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