Using Chaikin Portfolio Health Check to Analyze my Portfolio

As a personal finance blogger I get approached to review products all the time.  Most are terrible and don’t hold my attention long enough to even begin to think about writing a post.  Notwithstanding, some are pretty cool and I was excited when I was approached to check out the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check.  The reason I was excited to check out this tool is because it wasn’t the run of the mill “pick this stock tool” which I think are generally terrible!  If you knew which stock to pick you wouldn’t be selling it to me for $19.95/month you’d be running a ridiculously successful hedge fund and the monthly fee you would want to charge me would barely cover your weekly shoe shine budget.

Just as a side note, Chaikin Stock Research is a company founded by Marc Chaikin the originator of the Chaikin Oscillator, a technical stock indicator/analysis that is way above my head and guest author on Forbes and SeekingAlpha.

What is the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check?

According to the product’s site,

Chaikin Portfolio Health Check is the only personalized analysis that shows you where your stock portfolio is headed in the next 3-6 months—a virtual watchdog that helps you act on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Insights once available only to professionals are now yours in a concise, weekly report.

And according to press material the health check provides,

      • A watchdog for your stock portfolio, helping you spot and act on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
      • Tells you weekly if you are positioned for success over the next 3-6 months
      • Gives you specific ideas for swapping weak stocks and industry groups for strong ones
      • Uses powerful analytics once available only to Wall Street professionals to guide you
      • Clear graphics let you review and understand the report in minutes
      • Shows how you’re doing compared to the S&P 500 and Chaikin Community
      • Based on the proven Chaikin Power Gauge Rating
      • Quickly recognize trouble spots and opportunities on the Chaikin Power Grid—where stocks and industry groups are mapped out in quadrants,
        green-for-bullish, red-for-bearish

I figured it would be a really cool opportunity to check out how a professional investment tool would judge my Dividend Investment Portfolio.

Using the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check

I couldn’t believe how easy the product was to use.  All I had to do was enter my portfolio:

It should be noted that the program does not ask for basis or quantity – it is solely trying to provide you a future showing of the holdings you currently own.

Chaikin Portfolio Health Check Analysis

The tool provides:

  • An overall prognosis
  • Your stocks’ average increase vs. the S&P for Last Week
  • Which stocks turned bullish and which turned Bearish according to their gauges
  • Earnings Surprises and Estimate Revisions for the previous week
  • Earning Reports for this Week
  • The Chaikin Power Grid (Example Pic below) – A grid indicating where your holdings are in compared to what they think are strong sectors

  • Potential swaps – Bearish stocks for similar Bullish stocks.  My least favorite part of the report.  Comes dangerously close to what I dislike.
  • Most Positive News Sentiment over the past 30 days and Least Positive News over 30 days
  • Your Stock changes for the previous week

Feel free to take a look at my actual Chaikin Portfolio Health Check

What I Dislike About the Product

Also a positive (discussed below) it is a bit too simplistic.  It also comes a bit too close to that stock picking program for my tastes.

What I like about Chaikin Portfolio Health Check

The simplicity is amazing! To receive the report linked earlier took me literally 5 minutes to set up and I have about 10 holdings.  I also really like two of the sections:

  • Gainers and Losers for the previous week – I think it could really bring attention to a stock that is dropping fast or increasing way too fast to be sustainable
  • News Sentiment – My broker provides this to an extent, but to have an email sent to me every week with this would be fantastic.


If you have an active portfolio it is worthwhile to check out the Chaikin Portfolio Health Check since it is not really telling you what stocks to buy but rather how the portfolio you put together is doing with analysts.


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