Use the Internet to Save When You Shop

The Internet makes bargain shopping easy.  Whether comparison shopping or using promo codes or reading reviews, there are many ways to use the Internet to save money.  Many people who have Internet access in their homes probably save at least the equivalent of their monthly Internet bill simply by using the Internet to comparison shop.  Consider these guaranteed ways to save:

  1. Compare credit card rewards.  Years ago people might have signed up for the first card that accepted them, but now credit cards offer a variety of rewards and perks to suit every customer.  The key is to find the best credit cards that offer rewards for your lifestyle and spending pattern.
  2. Compare prices on necessities.  Home and auto insurance are necessities.  While you do have to pay for insurance coverage, the Internet can help you find ways to save.
  3. Use promo codes to save.  If you are planning to buy something from an online retailer, before you purchase the item, do a search for the store’s promo codes.  A site like offers the latest promo codes as well as users’ feedback describing if the code worked or not.
  4.  Find discount vacation rentals.  Rather than staying at a hotel, consider looking into other alternatives.  The Internet can help you find cheaper accommodations through unconventional resources such as home owners who offer their homes as vacation rentals. is a great resource to look for condos, townhouses or even homes that you can rent out while on vacation.  Often, these accommodations sleep more than a traditional hotel and are more reasonable.
  5. Use a review site to determine if you want to buy a product.  A site like offers reviews of everything from moving companies to restaurants.  Reviews are generated by every day people who share their experiences.  If you are looking for mainstream reviews, consider consulting Consumer Reports online.  Using review sites can help you determine what brand of an item to buy and any difficulties users have had with the item.
  6. Use daily deal sites to save.  Daily deal sites offer a range of discounts from restaurants to experiences such as sky diving or exercise classes.  Read the fine print carefully to make sure you are actually getting a good deal, and then enjoy your discount!

The Internet has changed the way many of us shop.  Not only does it allow us to easily shop from home, it also offers us the opportunity to save money with every purchase we make.  Add it up, and you may be surprised to discover how much you save every month just by using the Internet.

What is your favorite way to save when using the Internet?

Post by Melissa

4 Responses to Use the Internet to Save When You Shop

  1. I’m constantly stopping to remind myself what a powerful tool the internet is, you can be so much more informed about products these days, very quickly.

  2. I am an avid internet shopper myself. It’ll save you money just from not having to spend an arm and a leg on gasoline to drive.

  3. For big purchases especially you should always check online first. It’s so easy to compare multiple sites in only a few minutes. No excuse not to do it.

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