Unemployed? Help is at Hand

Unemployment can be a worrying and stressful time. Government figures have shown that unemployment is continuing to rise, as the challenges of the current economic downturn continue to have an impact on people’s lives.

If you have been directly impacted by unemployment or redundancy, it’s important not to lose heart. Instead, look at the array of support options available to get you back into work. There are a wide number of service providers designed to do just that. Some are government-funded, some utilise private investment and others are provided by a mix of public and commercial funds to serve local areas.

The depth of support is varied and designed to suit different needs and requirements. So, don’t get disheartened by being out of work. Many people use this time to launch themselves into new career directions or decide what they really want to do. Get proactive and make a plan of action, involving as many sources of advice and support as you can.

 Job Clubs

Whether you’re looking for a job with retailers in Manchester, tour reps in Brighton or employment solicitors in Leeds, a job club is a great way to make sure you’re qualified for the job you need. For many people, unemployment or redundancy offers an opportunity to retrain or enter into additional skills training in areas for which they lack the necessary qualifications.

Job clubs are a great way to access skills training in areas such as IT, presentation skills, CV presentation, interviews, communication and more. Job clubs also give you access to careers advisers, skills providers and job listings and more, whilst providing you with the support of a team that understands your situation and wants to help.

Night Classes

Remember that retraining for a job doesn’t have to be a full-time concern. You may be able to secure yourself temporary or part-time work and then consider training for your next qualification or career on a part-time basis or at night school. Consider too online and distance learning. Some courses may be free or part-funded if you are out of work or earning under a certain amount, so find out what’s available to you and make the most of the benefits. This time out of work can be used productively to set you on the right route for your next step.

Internships and Work Experience

Work experience is key, so investigate options to do a stint at an employer in your target industry. Ask friends, relatives and contacts . Get in touch with local businesses and speak to your jobs or careers adviser for leads. When you obtain a placement, work as hard as you can to show your commitment and enthusiasm – it may be enough to get you a paid job at the end of your placement.

 Network, Network, Network

The hidden jobs market is one of the best secrets of employment. Many jobs simply aren’t advertised or progressed in a formal way, operating instead via word of mouth. So why not join employment groups, networking groups and business clubs in the industry of your choice? Network, say hello, meet new people and get in touch with old contacts to let them know that you’re interested in finding work and looking for the next opportunity.

A positive attitude, proactive approach and ‘glass half full’ mentality could be just the thing to see you into your next role. It might also lead to a rewarding future career.

Post by Sophie Banat

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  1. keeping a healthy attitude is key. really shows in an interview if someone is opptomistic regardless of what the outcome.

    its good to also maintain some semblence of a schedule. seen too many people get into a rutt and start waking up later and later in the day.

    gotta believe someone who wants it bad enough will get it.

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