Turbo Tax Giveaway! Get Your 2009 Taxes Done for Free with TurboTax Premier


This is not a sponsored post, there are no affiliate links.  This is just a give away for you!

For the past couple years I have done my younger brother’s taxes; notice I didn’t use the words “little brother” because that dude is pushing 6’3 while I am maybe 5’8 on a good day.  Well this year, since I am connected to hundreds of people through Twitter I figured I would tell the world that I was doing his taxes using Turbo Tax.

I am not sure if it is because I am gaining traction with my Alexa Rankings (thank you Yakezie!) or because of that Tweet, but Turbo Tax Contacted me and offered my readers 2 editions of Turbo Tax Premier (not just little old normal Turbo Tax).  Don’t know what that means?  How about you check out this cool comparison just to check out how bad ass the product is (you may have to click the picture).

Turbo Tax Comparison of Products

With 29 Days left to file your taxes it is time to get moving!  Since most people believe that the federal government takes too much from us anyway, you might as well get your taxes done for free.

So how do you enter The Turbo Tax Giveaway?

There are 4 ways to Enter:

Follow me on Twitter (1 Entry)

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Follow my Free RSS Feed (1 Entry)


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Leave me a Comment Below Admitting You Are a Procrastinator (1 Entry)

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Check out one other Yakezie Members and Give me a Real Review of their Site (3 Entries)

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Write a Review of my Site on Alexa (5 Entries)

Right or Wrong Alexa is huge when it comes to judging internet traffic, so I’d love to hear what you think about my site, over on their website.  This way I can try to improve my site while providing you an incentive!

Review www.myjourneytomillions.com on alexa.com

Again you need to come back here and tell me that wrote a review!

I will Count up all the Entries on Sunday, March 21st, and then use a Random Number Generator to determine two winners.


Legal Stuff:

My Count is Final; US Residents over the Age of 18 only; and TurboTax will be shipping the two promotion codes, so if they have a problem their say is final.

4 Responses to Turbo Tax Giveaway! Get Your 2009 Taxes Done for Free with TurboTax Premier

  1. I already follow you on Twitter, but my taxes are done already – for once I didn’t procrastinate!

    Congrats on the Alexa movements and good luck to all the contestants. I’ll pass along the word to my readers.

  2. Good stuff E-dog! I firmly believe you were contact b/c you reached page one, and have climbed the Alexa charts. Remember one of my original points from the original Yakezie Challenge “advertisers will flock to you”…..

    Hope you get to benefit, and con’t to benefit!

    I actually purchased a copy of a software and was never contact about a giveaway, schucks. But, I was contacted by one to advertise every month.

    Best, Sam

  3. Awesome giveaway! I’ve heard that CPA’s basically use a type of Turbo Tax program when they work with clients sometimes. Show you how far the program has come! (Don’t have to enter me, though I’m a procrastinator my wife helps keep us on time by booking appointments with our CPA every year).

  4. Well, I guess I’m willing to admit my procrastination. It’s just been a heck of a busy month–but I also have been known to put stuff off. If I’m lucky enough to snag a copy, maybe I’ll get motivated to do it. (Although the threat of penalties and fines for late filing may have more to do with it :)) Thanks for the contest and I’m enjoying your blog.