Traveling for International Business Purposes

More and more countries are trying to make themselves attractive to international business people.  It is surprisingly easy to find a boardroom meeting rooms in Hong Kong.  In fact, you can find a perfect place for your next corporate event in Hong Kong.  Clifton offers an ideal boardroom meeting rooms & conference venues in Hong Kong located on Queens Road.

Why Cliftons ?


Here’s why you should choose Cliftons for your next training, seminar or event:

  • Award-winning venues with ergonomic environments, climate controlled rooms and natural light to create the optimal learning environment.
  • Centrally located venues within 10 CBD locations across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • One point of contact for your booking whether a one-off session in Sydney or a global roll-out on every major continent or across regional Australia.
  • Cliftons secures the effectiveness of course delivery by providing dedicated, 24/7 administrative and technical support to avoid time loss due to technical issues
  • One-stop-shop for all training and meeting needs, from printing and catering through to online registration and course management
  • Cliftons offers the latest in training technology including digital flipcharts, interactive whiteboards and audience voting systems

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