Thoughts on Business Cards

Business cards are the tools of the trade and can make a massive impact on the recipient.  Never underestimate the power of the business card on a client as it can make or break a business relationship before it’s even got off the ground.  Hand a flimsy card over during a meeting and the prospective client will make assumptions about your company based on the design of card he/she sees.

The most impressive business cards should represent the ethos of the company and careful thought should have already been given to the branding and logo of that company.  The best designs have a strong logo and colours which are highly memorable.  Studies have shown that logos are very powerful and the best ones will be remembered by the individual even when just a small section of that logo is visible just by the colour scheme, typeface and even font which is used.   The logo and colours used on the business cards must appeal to the target audience, for instance a dance teacher will use fun vibrant colours on her cards with upbeat designs whereas a funeral director needs something more sombre and tasteful. Business cards can be purchased from many places, business cards are one of the cheaper and dependable options around.

Keeping it simple is usually the key to a good business card with the face of the card spacious and largely uncluttered, use the reverse of the card when possible to create a clean look.  Add tag lines of slogans to your cards but again keep these simple and stick to no more than five words to get your message to your audience.   Some companies like to add pictures to their business cards, whether it be a cartoon character or caricature but if you prefer to add the face of an employee this is a method proven to attract the attention of a prospective client  and make it less likely to end up in the bin.

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