Things to consider if you’re moving out of the city

London – a fantastic city to spend (or misspend) your twenties, and even your early thirties. There’s a buzz about the city that you just don’t find anywhere else in the world and something to do literally every minute of the day, no matter what your entertainment preferences are. However, there does come a time when you find yourself ‘having a quiet night in’ a little more often than you used to and the thrill of heading into Soho or Old Street for a night’s clubbing starts to lose its appeal. When a chilled out meal in a nice restaurant seems like a much better plan for a Saturday night, it’s time to face the fact that you’re getting old! Ok, maybe not old, let’s settle for sensible instead.

It’s at this point that many people decide to make the move out of the city and see if they can get a bit more property for their money. Kent has always been a very popular place to move to as it offers all the benefits of a more relaxed pace of life while still being very accessible if you need to commute to the city for work. Kent property prices vary depending on the location, just like anywhere else, but by and large you will find that what might buy you a smallish two bed flat in London could buy you a three bed house with a garden in Kent.

If you are thinking about making the move then it’s important to make sure you are ready for the change in lifestyle, particularly if you have spent a long time living with the hustle and bustle of the city. First of all, be 100% sure that you are ready for the change of pace, and that you won’t mind having to rely on (possibly infrequent) trains when you need to get into London. By and large there is an excellent rail service from most of the bigger towns in the county, but you will have to start getting used to the idea of arriving at the station at certain times rather than just rocking up and waiting for the next tube to arrive in 60 seconds.

You may not have all the shops and amenities right on your doorstep, but when living a more rural pace of life you’ll be able to enjoy browsing local farm shops and making sure you’re stocked up on the best local produce. When it comes to eating out, you may not have a restaurant on every street in your local vicinity, but that doesn’t meant the quality will be any worse – with some fantastic top class restaurants found all over Kent.

Life will be different, but as you get a little older, there’s nothing wrong with different.

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