Tax Carnival #41: TaxtoberFest 2008

I think a vital area of personal finance blogging is the explanation of tax issues.  I recently wrote an article titled, “Simple Explanation of Estate Taxes” was chosen for the Tax Carnival #41: TaxoberFest 2008.  The whole Carnival hosted hereby Don’t Mess with Taxes is a ridiculous amount of information on taxes, if you have the time I would recommend checking it out.  But if you don’t, here are some of my favs:

  •  My Dollar Plan breaks down the alleged $7,500 First time Home Buyer Tax Credit .  GREAT INFO! Wow, I had no idea it was just a loan albeit at 0%.
  • Jim from Blue Print to Financial Prosperity gives a SIMPLE explanation to the marginal tax system we use in United States. Great article for beginners.
  • Sox First briefly describes Nicholas Cages fight against the IRS here.

There are other great articles! Check them out.

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