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A Likely and Logical Result – Can be Avoided using the My Journey Budget

I apologize if this post seems like a rant, but I just read a great article on CNBC titled, “Credit Cards Could Become Next Trouble Spot in Crisis” by Kenneth Stier which provides a lot of great info, but seems to completely ignore the underlying problem (beyond a sentance or two).  The Article is bestContinue Reading

Middle America got what it Demanded and the Dow Drops 777 Points! NICE WORK!

I am not sure why but people ask me about current events; maybe it is because I am an information junkie, maybe it is because I work in the financial world, or maybe, just maybe, it is because I always have an opinion!  Well lately, I have been discussing/arguing with friends, family members and have evenContinue Reading

Inflatable Union Rat – Why?!

Maybe this post is personal finance, maybe it is not…but since it is my blog I can rant if I want to.  For the past 4 or 5 months on my way home from work I pass a construction site with a HUGE inflatable rat.  Everyday there are 3 to 4 guys who sit nextContinue Reading

Come on! Olympic Walking?

When did walking become an Olympic sport?  I understand it is power walking, but come on! Why do they have to look like their waddling?  Just some thoughts. Yeah that is what is on CNBC at 12:45am.