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Sweet Prosper is Back!

Being that I am in debt elimination mode I haven’t talked about my investments that much.  But on February 15, 2007, I was intrigued by the idea of Prosper and have since built a very very small portfolio. As the P2P Lending market grew so did the competition and Prosper and LendingClub both went into… Continue Reading

Work at Home Scams on the Rise

While surfing the net I saw a great question posed on the Money Blog Network Forum, but a relatively new user, Hi Everybody I was wondering if it is worth it working from home, I have been trying to find a job through the papers and a bunch of online job sites but can’t even… Continue Reading

Stay Away from Seller Financing

Stay Away from Seller Financing

I was reading Wall Street Journal’s Online Personal Finance Section and came across a very interesting article, that in my humble opinion, didn’t explore the downfalls of Seller Financing enough.  The article was entitled “Mortgage Lending for Sellers” by Amy Hoak (full article can be found here). What is Seller Financing? The idea of seller… Continue Reading