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Where are Estate Taxes Going?

The question I hear the most when I am teaching classes are, where do you think the Estate Taxes are going?  I always respond, they aren’t disappearing. Period.   The current administration (along with the last one) is running through money like it was beer at a keg party!  So is it likely that we are goingContinue Reading

What is a Power of Attorney? Everyone Should Know Before Signing One

Despite my age, part of my job description is to review and critique Wills and ancillary documents that clients provide the financial planners.  You would be shocked how many are tax inefficient or worse do not even follow the testamentary intent of the client.  Notwithstanding the ineptness of some attorneys who are drafting Wills, thereContinue Reading

Strange Will Bequests and Estate Plans

Did you ever think your last wishes were weird or strange?  My mom wants Phantom of the Opera playing at her wake; luckily I talked her out of actually putting it in the Will I drafted for her. My Last Will and Testament has certain provisions for hundreds, if not thousands, of glass coke bottles I haveContinue Reading

Is your Hand Written Will Unenforceable? Does your State Recognize Holographic Wills?

In the past I have discussed Who Needs a Will? hint: Everyone and have provided 10 Reasons why YOU need a Will As Soon as Possible but something occurred to me, not everyone knows the requirements to create a valid Will in their state. I was discussing the possibility of drafting a Will for someone,Continue Reading

Some Things to Think About Before Meeting an Attorney to Draft Your Last Will and Testament

A very good friend of mine just had their first child, and so the next inevitable step is to call their buddy the estate planning attorney (yours truly, My Journey) to discuss the drafting of a Will. Upon arriving, and checking out the kid and some small talk it became very apparent they were veryContinue Reading

Reader Question – Inheriting Trusts & IRAs

I recently received a question from a reader, who I will refer to as TPS.  TPS contacted me through my contact me page – if you have a question feel free to use it! TPS seems to be very confused, so rather than just answer the question I will post it so he can replyContinue Reading