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Please Don’t Use an Automated System to Draft Your Last Will and Testament

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this in 2 years of blogging, but I cringe every time I see a personal finance blogger recommend one of those Will preparation services/sites.  Every single week, I review at least 3 (and sometimes up to 10) Wills written by trained and licensed attorneys. While I find mistakes,Continue Reading

What Type of Will Do You Have? Review of a Simple Will

As part of my day job I review a lot, and I mean a lot of Wills.  Most Last Wills and Testaments are structured the same way; all assets are left to the surviving spouse and upon the second death to the children, outright.  This type of structure is usually referred to as a SimpleContinue Reading

Same Sex Financial Planning is Important and Necessary

Not only do Same Sex Couples have to deal with the relationships problems we “straighties” do same sex couple have another level of problems associated with Financial and Estate Planning.  Oh by the way, I just made up the word Straighties, I hope it gets picked up. Before we start, I will let you knowContinue Reading

Health Care Documents are Often Forgotten When Creating A Will

Do you have a Living Will  and a Health Care Proxy?  As I drafted a Last Will and Testament tonight, I thought to myself do people understand what these ancillary documents are, or better yet, do people know they even exist? While the documents themselves aren’t entirely difficult to understand, the choices you have toContinue Reading

Why the Type of Life Insurance you Buy Doesn’t Matter

For a lot of people who are shopping for life insurance, one of the first questions they ask themselves is, “what type of life insurance should I buy?” This question usually ends with some form of “whole life” or “term life,” as though those are the only two options. That’s the wrong way to thinkContinue Reading

What is the Estate Tax Trap High Net Worth Individuals Fall into?

How not to become a victim. If your net worth is high enough to be subject to the evil estate tax, chances are you worked your tail off all or most of your adult life to accumulate your wealth… But draw your last breath and the estate tax monster wants to devour about half yourContinue Reading