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Oblivious Investing – Building Wealth by Ignoring the Noise Book Review

I had the opportunity to review Mike Piper’s newest book, “Oblivious Investing: Building Wealth by Ignoring the Noise.*”  Mike is the author of a great blog of the same name, Oblivious Investing. The book follows conversations between Shannon, the investing newbie and her wise Uncle Toby.  Every conversation they have starts with small talk andContinue Reading

Give Whole Life Insurance a Fair Comparison – Get Illustrations and Compare!

I hope this post doesn’t end up on one of my favorite blogs, Bad Money Advice, but I wanted to actually compare some numbers for people.  Everyone, and I mean everyone tells you to stay the hell away from Whole Life Insurance, I think the main concerns are fees, lack of clarity, and evil insuranceContinue Reading

How to Easily Evaluate your Asset Allocation with Morningstar Instant X-Ray Tool

Despite my licenses, I am not an not an investment expert, and I don’t begin to pretend to be one.  That being said everyone should know their asset allocation, and have an elementary understanding of asset allocation.  I repeat, everyone should have an idea as to what they are invested in, whether they have anContinue Reading

The More You Know About Investing, The Less You Know About Investing

A professional baseball player knows more about baseball strategy than does a little leaguer.  A nutritionist is more likely to be able to figure out why you have been feeling run-down lately than is your next-door neighbor.   The buyer in a woman’s fashion store is better informed about what colors are trendy today than youContinue Reading

An Investment Average of 10% won’t Guarantee Success

An Investment Average of 10% won’t Guarantee Success I saw a great advertisement released by my office’s parent company today; I have never released what my office’s parent company is…and I am not about to start now! Notwithstanding my obsession with privacy, I couldn’t get over this info and felt like I should share. Each portfolio hasContinue Reading

For Most Investors Diversification is Key

I felt horrible today as one of the planners who works in my office brought up a client we worked on 2 years ago.  As I have explained in the about me, I am back office support for a lot of fee based and commission based financial planners. This particular client came across my deskContinue Reading