Start 2010 Right! Free Money and Prizes

Money Crashers 2010 Give Away

MoneyCrashers, a personal finance blog, is having one crazy give away:

Enter the Money Crashers 2010 New Year Giveaway Bash! We’ve partnered with various finance companies and bloggers to put together over $6,200 in sweet prizes – including $1,770 in cash, $930 in gift cards, the entire line of Apple iPod mp3 players, 2 Amazon Kindles, a whole bunch of popular finance books, and much much more.

Needless to say I entered!  Deliver us from Debt, a personal finance blog I am not familiar with even put together a list of ways of efficiently entering the MoneyCrashers give away.


The Plutus Awards

Flexo, one of my fav. bloggers from Consumerism Commentary started a blogging contest, The Plutus Awards.

Plans are underway for the creation of the First Annual Plutus Awards to celebrate the best of personal finance. These awards will have two main sections: The Plutus Awards and The Plutus 2.0 Awards.

The Plutus Awards will feature categories such as “Best Savings Account,” “Best Money Management Software,” and so forth. The Plutus 2.0 Awards are an extension of awards into blogs and social media. These awards will feature categories such as “Best New Blog,” “Best Investing Blog,” “Blog of the Year,” and so forth.

Readers and other bloggers nominate blogs, and financial websites.  I sponsored the Tax Blog Giveaway.  So check out the Plutus Awards and Nominate me for something, anything.

3 Responses to Start 2010 Right! Free Money and Prizes

  1. Hey Evan! If I nominate you, will you nominate me? lol

    I’ve entered the Money Crashers contest too! Did they ask you to contribute? I have to admit, they asked me many times, but I was too busy chilling on the beach in Hawaii to figure out what to contribute.

    • They asked me to contribute, but I said no mainly because I didn’t know who or what the site was. Actually, I didn’t get it and the guy turned out to be really nice – basically his pitch to me was you (me) give something away, and I’ll (moneycrashers) get the traffic for it. Not a very sound investment for me.

      Conversly, when I heard Flexo was doing something, and knowing that I have hogged up his comment boards for 18 months I figured I can drum up a gift card!

  2. Cool. Yeah, Money Crashers are smart… so the key for them is to utilize all the eyeballs, and post some excellent, consistent commentary, or else it’s just a blip, and people will use and leave.

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