Solution Auctions Review

Solution Auctions Review

I believe that the internet was revolutionized by person to person sites. It was the idea/action that people, regardless of distance, can interact with one another. AOL/Prodigy changed the way we could talk to each other, Napster changed the way we look at music online, Prosper changed the way we look at loaning people money (albeit small amounts right now). EBay completely and utterly changed the auction business, the antique business, garage sales and a slew of other industries. So when I got heads up about a brand new website called Solution Auctions I had to check it out.

According to the founders, is the only auction market place for problems and solutions in the world. Our website works very much like eBay except that we are trading verified and guaranteed information. Our services help people find specific solutions quickly and economically. Users can also let bidders compete to address questions and problems.

On the other hand, we offer our users great opportunities to make money by helping others. This is achieved by answering questions, solving problems or simply posting your own solutions for sale to the world. Our concept is designed to make the relevancy of searching a promise rather than trying to solve it as a problem. In comparison to the competition we also provide 100% satisfaction guarantees for our solutions and we have

I didn’t create an account yet (more on that below), but it seems like the site is EBay meets yahoo answers.  Featured Solutions on the hompage as I write this include:

  • Where to Find the Cheapest Name Brand Running/Fitness Shoe in Utah?
  • Online jobs that actually pay and where I can still earn $$$
  • Dog with Allergy, Scratching, Hair Loss, Hot Spots, Vomit? Solution!

I chose these three on purpose. The first is a legitimate question that I would absolutely pay $2 for, but I would be weary as to whether I was simply opening an advertisement to a shoe shop. The Second is obviously a scam and the third could be a dangerous remedy. Granted, I am showing some poo

What I Like About Solution Auctions

I think there is a real opportunity for those people interested in multiple streams of income to start on the ground floor with this new site. Imagine signing up (which is free) and answering people’s questions for a couple bucks a shot? Is it going to make anyone a millionaire? Maybe on the people who started the site, but it could be a few bucks!

Have you ever heard of the site? Any Experiences with it?

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2 Responses to Solution Auctions Review

  1. Evan,
    I enjoy it when people express their honest opinion like this. You made me smile with your comment about the online-jobs auctions. I smiled because I can see how it looks just like any other shady ad about online jobs. I happen to know the owner of this auction (dfuzzydingles) who is actually one of our best sellers. In fact, I recall he sold one of his online-job listings to another member who loved it and left him a positive feedback a few months ago. She then bought a few other auctions from him because of that first experience. We knew we would have some degree of trust issue which is why we are the only site of this kind who DARES to offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So feel free to try a few solutions and if you dont like it let me know. We will refund right away and will use the opportunity to improve our site.

    BTW, the comment about the shoe auction made my wife’s day. She loves to tell people how to find the best deals on shoes :)

    Thanks for your review

    Joey Liender
    Founder and CEO

    • Joey,

      It was my pleasure to check out the site. It is a GREAT idea building off the social trust that ebay paved the way for. Hell if someone came to me with an idea that I had to send them money before I got my item in 1997 I would have laughed, but now millions of transactions are done this way each year.

      If you ever want to come over here and talk about the progress of your site you have an open invitation.

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