Researching Foreign Investments

When you don’t live in a country it can be incredibly difficult to research any potential investments. With different currencies, government structures and cultures, it can soon become a deadly minefield of lost money and stressed phone calls. This is why it is so incredibly important to research all investments thoroughly.

In years gone by many people would not have even considered investing their money abroad without professional help, but just as the internet has revolutionised the way we work, shop and live – it has also changed the way we invest. With so much more information at our finger tips we can find out so much, without having to pick up the phone to a financial advisor.

With hundreds of online sites offering financial records, a company search and much more, you can scour the world-wide web for snippets of information and generally get a good idea about a company and their financial records.  The internet opens up a world of investment opportunities, both metaphorically and literally speaking. With the knowledge gained through research you can invest in some of the world’s largest companies, with knowledge of the way the system works and an understanding of the company’s financial standing.

Obviously be wary of companies that are based in unstable countries, or ones that have major political unrest. But in general, there are hundreds of businesses that operate on a large scale in other countries, but are not widely known of in the United States. These are the perfect places to invest, as investing in stronger economies can give you a bigger return on investment.

For example the German economy, although linked to the Euro, is growing at steady rate, and is expected to do so for the next few years, climate permitting. By investing in foreign big business you can make money and literally expand your investment portfolio across the world.

Guest Post by Julie

2 Responses to Researching Foreign Investments

  1. Once you learn to properly research foreign investments you will find a whole new world opened to you. There are many high yield options available outside the U.S. and no reason not to take advantage of them. I have been researching Thai stocks for the past month or so and while it isn’t always easy to find the information I need, once found it can be very much worth it. I’ve found very solid companies here with dividends ranging from 6-8%. I know others who are investing in Australia, Hong Kong and Indonesia for much the same reasons.

  2. I would say researching today isn’t nearly as hard as buying. Often it is very difficult to open accounts that will let you trade in investments in most other countries. The internet has made doing research much easier.

    Investors have to be very careful. As sloppy a job as the SEC does in the USA [much of Europe is pretty reasonable] the financial figures reported elsewhere an be much much less reliable. Certain industries (financial for example) are incredible unreliable in the USA and elsewhere, but more transparent companies may not have trustworthy data elsewhere.

    On slightly related note, today The Economist noted they will no longer use official Venezuela inflation data but instead go with a private source for that data as the official data is so out of touch with reality.

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