Redeeming your credit card rewards

Credit card reward schemes are a great way to make the most of your spending, but many customers aren’t even aware that their purchases are building up a wealth of reward points: let alone how they can redeem them for perks and treats.

Signing up

Whether applying for a new credit card or looking for more from your current one, the first step is to check what’s on offer. If you think you are, or should be, signed up to a reward scheme, call customer services. American Express, for example, provide a number to call if cardholders wish to sign up to their membership rewards scheme. Remember that cards can often be tied to specific schemes, whether cashback, air miles or even Nectar points.

Keep an eye on offers

Most providers have a dedicated website that shows all available rewards. Checking back regularly and signing up for newsletters is a good way to make sure you get a good deal, and to ensure you’re the first to hear about exclusive deals and points bonuses. If you don’t want your inbox full of promotional material, you can always filter or mark them as spam to review later – it’s better than missing out on great deals.


Credit card providers offer some surprising ways to redeem your points, so even if you aren’t particularly excited about gadgets or spa retreats, there are plenty of other options – including charitable donations. Most reward scheme sites also have a ‘wish list’ function, so if you find something you can’t quite redeem right now, you can save your discovery for later.


When it comes to claiming you points haul, the easiest way is through provider websites. These function similarly to an online store: simply sign in to the rewards page, select your reward, and redeem through a ‘checkout’ process. It’s that easy. But if online shopping isn’t your thing, most providers also allow rewards to be redeemed over the phone.

If you’re unsure about the rewards scheme process for your card, contact your card provider. American Express customers can find all the relevant information, including contact phone numbers, on the membership rewards page.

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