Protect Your Home from Theives this Christmas and be Prepared If Something Should Happen

Everyone loves the holiday feeling as friends and family descend for Christmas, loaded with gifts. But unfortunately, thieves are also especially fond of this time of year too. With all kinds of shiny new goods in people’s homes, it’s easy to see why.

But there are things you can do to help avoid becoming a target. Just take a look at these handy tips. And of course, make sure your belongings are covered over Christmas with home insurance, just in case the worst happens. You can find home insurance quotes online.

Tip 1: Keep presents under wraps

You wouldn’t think twice about leaving the packaging from your Kindle or new TV on the pavement for the binmen to pick up. But this is the fastest way to advertise to burglars just what fancy new equipment you’ve got at home. So instead, consider recycling any packaging of this sort, or taking it to the tip.

Tip 2: Take measures to put thieves off

Prevention is always better, and less stressful, than cure. So taking a few simple steps can help put off any opportunistic burglars. Things you can do include making sure you haven’t left your keys under the doormat or near an easily accessible window.

There’s also nothing like a burglar alarm box on the front of your house to put off thieves. Installing a house alarm might not stop burglars, but it will certainly make them think twice. And don’t forget, when you’re having it installed make sure the wires are concealed. Otherwise clever thieves might be able to cut them.

Finally, take a look at police advice on effective lock systems and have them fitted. You can also check your window locks, and consider getting a reinforced door.

Of course, the best way to cover your belongings is to take a look at contents insurance quotes online – then get one that’s right for you.

Tip 3: Team up with Neighbours

Joining forces with neighbours is one of the best ways to help stay safe over Christmas. If everyone on your street keeps an eye out for suspicious activity it can save a lot of worry, and nip any trouble in the bud.

Tip 4: Look into whether there are seasonal increases on your policy

Over the Christmas period, some insurers will automatically offer a seasonal increase – this means that they will increase the sum insured by a certain percentage. So check your policy to see if it includes one.  And while you’re at it, why not look around to make sure that you have the right contents and home insurance for you.

Once you’ve done what you can to make your home less attractive to thieves – and know that you have a good insurance policy in place, you can get on with enjoying the festive season.

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