How to Make Every Second Count for Employees’ Work Days

Create a Set of Daily Goals


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Each day, create a daily set of goals. Make the goals achievable and stress that this is the bare minimum of what needs to happen. Strive to push them a bit beyond the goals. Once they’re constantly meeting the goals you set forth, raise the bar a bit higher. Make sure that all goals are clearly laid out and that it’s obvious what you’re expecting of them.

Celebrate the Success of Every Employee

This goes hand-in-hand with setting a daily set of goals. Each time that the employee meets the daily goal, celebrate their success. This could be a simple pat on the back, a group email that acknowledges the hard work the employee went through, or treat an entire team’s victory to lunch at the end of the week.

Keep Micromanaging to a Minimum

When employees are micromanaged, they lose their focus. When they’re forced to sit through meetings, they get off task. If they’re constantly asked for progress updates, they’re going to be annoyed. A great manager will find a way to check the status of each assignment without interrupting employees. Progression workflow software can help keep your employees working efficiently.

Encourage Taking Multiple Breaks

Some employees tend to work rather than take breaks. Some diligent workers even decide to work through lunch, opting to eat later instead. This is a bad idea because they’ll just focus on the goal at the end of the assignment rather than the assignment itself. Encourage a five to ten minute break every hour and a half or two hours.

This will allow them time to recharge their energy and come back to the problem with a fresh mind. It may seem counter-productive to have an employee take a break when you’re trying to make every second count, but it gives them time to work on a solution while simultaneously recharging their batteries. You’ll get a better result if they take a break.

Make Your Workers Feel Important

There’s nothing worse for an employee than feeling like their contributions don’t matter to the overall success of the company. If they feel like they’re just another cog in the machine, their work or work ethic may suffer. Be transparent about things. Keep them in the loop and share the same information with them that you share with other managers.

It’s not necessary to call a daily meeting, a weekly meeting or email will suffice. By keeping employees up to date on the direction of the company and what’s coming up, they’ll feel like they’re truly a bigger part of the company. This, in turn, creates a stronger work ethic, which keeps them motivated and working diligently throughout the day.

Make the Job Enjoyable

If your employees don’t enjoy the job, they won’t work to their full limit. Create a really relaxed environment┬áby making use of furniture, like couches or possibly even bean bag chairs. If your employees use laptops, encourage them to disconnect from the wall and change their scenery up. Working at a desk all day can get extremely boring, so why not allow them to get up and move around? Create some extra activities, such as a fantasy football league or an NCAA bracket. Wage lunches, snacks, or for huge games, maybe even a paid day off. Even better, only allow them access to the pools if they consistently hit their daily goals. This will keep them on task and working hard throughout the day.

Some employees aren’t motivated by extra activities around the office, so if you need more incentives, stick with the reliable choice: money. Financial incentives will always motivate employees and have them working hard. If they exceed every daily goal, offer a three to four percent bonus on their next paycheck. Offer the employees the option to bank their bonuses and allow them to be paid out at the end of the year. That way, in addition to the Christmas bonus you’ll give your employees, they’ll also have their work bonus.

These few tips should, hopefully, keep your employees motivated and working hard throughout the day. It will take some trial and error to get a proper plan in place, but you’ll eventually find something that works. Have you found a way to keep your employees working hard all day? If so, what did you do?

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  1. Good post. I have been lucky in that the people who work for me a great workers. They get their tasks done on schedule with a very high degree of competence. I like seeing them working in the clean room assembly area with the radio blaring some sort of fun tune. All of my projects come in on schedule and under budget. I couldn’t do that without good employees and a good work environment.

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