Human Contact and Sales

A Guest Post from The Wife inspired by Pow Wow Now

It’s amazing how small the world is today. Small in terms of how easy it is to communicate with people all over the world. What used to be phones and faxes, is now emails, and teleconferencing. But isn’t human contact still important?

Emails have become the choice way of communicating in most business interactions. It’s quick, easy, and you have a trail of correspondence. Why would you go with anything else? But there still is something to say about picking up the phone and speaking with someone, or (gasp!) even better, showing up in person.

As a salesperson I too fall into the trap of the easy e mail. A lot of my correspondence is done that way, but I still make it a point to see my customers face to face. With it so easy to order online, I need something to separate me from the crowd, and selling myself as a “service” sales person definitely is the way to do it for me.

The conference call is another thing that has totally been revamped in today’s business world. Remember when it used to be a group of people sitting around a table talking to a phone with little microphones attached? Where you paid a company to call into and connect you? It wasn’t that long ago that it was this way, and now you can make a free conference call by using any number of companies out there that make it as easy as a click of the mouse! And when you do this you get to be face to face with whoever you are talking to…no matter where they are! It makes working from different locations very easy.

No matter how you run your business you can’t deny that you have to jump on the internet bandwagon. Whether you just stick with the basic e mails, or connect face to face via the internet we all have to keep up with the times. But I just hope that that a little human contact doesn’t go on the way side. It’s still extremely important, and there is always something to be said about a physical hand shake.

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  1. It is sad how technology has replaced human contact. It is so impersonal. My fiancee and I send one another snail mail to keep that personal touch alive. I think the same kind of thoughtfulness can be applied toward clients. They appreciate the thought just as much as the next person.

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