How to Sell Your Old Cell Phones for Cash

You probably have it–the drawer that should be called the cemetery for old electronics filled with cell phones and iphones from the last several years.  Technology advances so quickly now that you no more than by a new iphone and a year or two later, a new version comes out, which, of course, you must buy.  Meanwhile, all of the outdated electronics get stashed in the junk drawer.

But don’t just let those old electronics sit there!  Those older phones are still worth money, and with minimal effort you can clean out the drawer and line your pockets with some extra cash.

How to Sell Your Phones for the Most Cash

USA Today suggests that you’ll make the most money selling your cell phone through a site like eBay, but while you may make more money that way, there are downsides.  You’ll need to take pictures of the phone, create a listing, note any flaws, and interact with sellers.  You also have to be careful not to get scammed as more scammers are after electronics than other items that may be sold on eBay, like kids’ clothes, for instance.

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Phones

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling the item yourself, there are plenty of other sites which will buy your cell phone from you.  Simply search where to sell an iphone, and you’ll find several different sites.  Comparison shop and see how much each will offer you for your iphone.  Also, consider whether they pay for shipping or if you need to pay for shipping.  Selling to one of these sites will only take a few minutes–input the model of the phone as well as its condition, and you’ll get an estimated price the company will pay you.

Depending on how many old devices you have in your junk drawer and the shape they are in, you may be able to make several hundred dollars, which may be enough to upgrade to a new iphone with no out of pocket expense for you.  You could also use the cash to take a weekend getaway or a small vacation.

There is no point in having an electronics graveyard in your home.  Instead, take one evening or weekend morning, bring them all out, and compare prices.  Then, send the electronics off.  You’ll have a clean junk drawer, and soon the checks will start rolling in.  What will you do with your extra money?

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  1. I have some old cell phones but they’re dumb phones and pretty worthless. My current phone is almost a year old but it won’t be in good shape by the time I upgrade so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it is worth anything when I can sell it or not.

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